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So you were only pretending to be retarded because you thought it would make me mad?

Autism, not even once.

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Atheists are not a unified group. We don't congregate in church and talk about how we don't believe in any of the various silly religions.

Right, you all just coincidentally show up everywhere, ree about how religions are silly, demand we stop acting like they're not, and blame us for everything you don't like in the world.

It's not that you're a unified group; it's just that you're all making the same mistakes at the same time. And those mistakes have gotten us here.

Atheists have zero political power.

You have about as much political clout as black people, and have for decades--and just like black people, you will until you're no longer useful for tearing down society.

Global communists working through the Democrats and Republicans are.

Communist regimes are almost always atheistic, but sure, it's Christians' fault.

You're misattributing blame because you have a limited ability to understand nuance.

Nuance? I'm not the one who got mad over "silly insults" and then issued more.

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Oooo making up a silly insult has totally converted me to your side now.

go suck on a gonorrhea nodule you fairy tale believing sheep.

But it's good to know that pointing out the rise of destructive deviancy, and the promotion of it to children, since anti-theists like you got your way is a "silly insult".

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Difference? Have you not been paying attention? Slow poisons are much preferable to quick ones!

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And if we just stay under the speed limit, we won't go over the cliff we're aimed at. It's Science(tm)!

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I wasn't aware this community was about electing idiots just to own the libs. Or were the Leftists right about Trump supporters?

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Because we're doing so well without them.

By the way, when's your kid's next Drag Queen Story Hour? Is it before or after her class's field trip to a Planned Parenthood clinic?

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Yes. Less well known is that, before WW2, FDR was a huge fan of what the fascists were doing. The New Deal isn't far removed from it, after all.

But hey, at least we're speaking at all.

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Look, you're the one who wants someone to be at the bottom. That's you. Deal.

Don't like it? Too damn bad.

My point, because I doubt you get it: You're asking for something you're not prepared to accept if it doesn't immediately benefit you. The revolutionaries never end up at the top...just the people who got you to do their dirty work.

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Very welcome, fren. Thank you for taking it as the joke I intended and not as a personal attack.

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Imagine he's sitting in the bar and then his team starts winning--without him.

That'd actually be hilarious.

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Maybe it isn't, but should we let them lay the foundations for the Mark?

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"I'm sure nobody's ever come up with that solution before! It's like, the final solution!"

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So you're in favor of a tiered system of justice? Good; you're at the bottom. Don't complain.

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But will they ever spell "lose" correctly?

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