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Chevy fan boys "Well, yeah, but it's not a FURD!" MY expedition may have blown a sparkplug through my hood but once repaired never stopped. Till the wiring harness rotted through but thats all east coast cars.

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This is honestly one of the beliefs I am diametrically opposed to. Should illegals vote? Hell no. But land owners only? Blackrock, bezos, and schwaub types are buying all the land up. You dont want people like them deciding our elections.

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If Alex isn't allowed back there's a bar on free speech.

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The demographic here summed up in a single meme. Holy smokes this is accurate.

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Some fashionista chick used her kids to promote kink gear from what I understand. Just another degenerate filth that's needs jesus.

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He's a grifter. He's conservative-lite. Big emphasis on lite. He goes with safe choices to appeal to right leaning folks. I would never trust him.

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It's genuinely pathetic how badly you people want an echo chamber to jack each other off. You don't get to advocate for free speech then ban hammer anyone e who preaches the harsh reality of the situation in this country. And before you hide behind the rules like a bitch I encourage you to take a hard look at what our country faces and accept reality and the solutions that the same people who stole your voting rights and the same party who capitulated and actively took part in the fraud offered. But do go on voooooooting harder and then shockedpikachuface.jpg when your country is stolen AGAIN and you type sternly worded demands the likes of which got us here in the first place.

by wrmevlp
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How can you type with your head buried so far in the sand?

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Maga is much more than trump. It is a patriotically aligned belief in America first. Dividing Patriots because of a popular candidate that hasn't even wanted to run in 2024 is not MAGA.

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You realize that trumps borderline e libertarian view got him a huge boost right? Now he's dividing the party. Pea sized brained people here.

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