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This is what happens Larry. This is what happens when fuck a stranger in the ass

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They got mad when he would have the listeners get certain things to trend

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Google’s crimes are many. Let’s look at the correlation of when they set up a campus in a given area and the subsequent housing costs in said area. I’ve heard some of their engineers prefer the vanlife dope addiction lifestyle… and they think they know better than you what information we should know and have access to

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I hereby grant Toyota honorary dual citizenship thanks to its great service to the US through the 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, Landcruiser/Sequoia and other great vehicles

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Dual citizens should never have been allowed in government but what’s a little more corruption on top of what we already have

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Once they capture one area they start moving to the states next door. It’s time to fight smart. This is our country too it’s time we remember that and quit allowing the satanic system to gaslight us

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Unfortunately the entire front range has turned into a bastardized California. Legal weed and google offices coming here were the first signs of a decline. Property values up 500% but everything is looking much worse and even in “nice” areas like boulder you can’t walk more than a few steps without tripping over homeless encampments.

I know a girl who was being stalked by a man who had already been convicted of killing his ex, tried kidnapping her son from his school etc. tons of evidence gathered. The soros funded DA “forgot” to enter the evidence into discovery and so the case was dismissed and a convicted killer who continued to reoffend should have never been released walks free. He strangled the woman who he killed so hard that the scarf he used went through the skin of her neck to the bone. A travesty of justice.


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That dude should probably be asking to stay in pc for his own safety

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