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Now they will do Elon Musk, and then silence any others, Joe Rogan they can just threaten if they have not already.

And then CBDC, Social Credit, Vaccine Mandates, and Chinese Police Stations like in Canada.

This is not Winning guys. I don't see the end game here.

Need some Hopium. Im dying inside here.

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Maybe we need some rich people on our side to buy Schools, DA's, Judges, Reporters, and Movie Studios?

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We need to destroy the Cult before it destroys us.

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Fuck Ukraine. Fuck Russia, and most of all Fuck Europe and Europeans. Get Fucked NATO!

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Someone should deal with this crook DA!! Harshly!

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Until the Billionaire class is made fearful for their safety and that of their immediate family members, all of this will continue.

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Patriots are impotent however. They operate as individuals not a collective like their enemies. This needs to be overcome.

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You wish it was true. Because if it was this would already be solved.

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Aliens? Cern? Deep state? Time travel? Id love to know.

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Your right ti be fearful.

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Indicting Trump will prove that MAGA is as dangerous as a poodle. The enemy will understand they can do anything as long as cops and military protect them.

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I am Jewish and support this message. The world needs you, and your not alone even if it looks that way.

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