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AKA Rubber hose cryptanalysis.

Not a foolproof method, but can be very effective.

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That's what was claimed, but FTX US was also included in the bankruptcy filings today.

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If republicans were truly the party of small government, they would see federal government shutdown as a goal, not a bluff that they always fold on.

This bitch allowed the debt ceiling to raise how many times?

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The taxes are necessary to provide a base demand for the currency they print.

It turns out staying out of prison is a service in high demand.

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FTX was an offshore exchange that actively avoided US customers.

They had as much activity as they did because the regulatory environment in the US is so draconian and unclear.

Also the head of FTX gave many millions of dollars to Democratic candidates.

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Unpopular opinion here: Banning all drag shows is an infringement on free speech rights.

Ban government funding, ban minors, but government should not be able to dictate what adults produce and consume for entertainment purposes.

I say this as someone repulsed by drag shows.

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I do hope the Republican Party tears itself apart to make way for the newly based Libertarians.

The ONLY instance where the Republican Party has ever rolled back federal power in my lifetime is Roe v. Wade. Not enough.

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The government wins every election.

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In Nevada you can vote “none of the above” but the truth is it does nothing.

The reality is that non voters have won every election in history, not nobody respects the will of the people not to be ruled at all.

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Thank you for the support brother.

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No matter who you vote for, you get John McCain. -Tom Woods

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What are presented as the best arguments against anarchism are inevitably a description of the status quo.

― Michael Malice

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The government wins every election.

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Every election represents a theft of liberty from the individual

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The will of the people.

Regardless of accuracy, it’s a scam.

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Every election represents a theft of liberty from the people.

Regardless of who wins, the people lose.

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Regardless of who heads the government, they are the enemy of the people.

We do not consent.

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