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I can confidently say the world would be a better place without these two in it.

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It's always the taxpayers in the end.

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I'm not paying for the sheep's poor choices.

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Lois Lerner only had to do it once and walk out.

Everyone called before this sham should simply state: "Per the Lois Lerner precedent, I invoke my 5th Amendment Rights. Bye."

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Are you saying that FDR fits "nicely" into the party switch narrative?

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Just ask the following: when did this platform switch take place?

If they say, "Well, after The Civil Rights Act, duh!" simply follow with...

"So you're telling me FDR was a really a pre-platform switch Republican? Is that what you are trying to sell?"

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In the military, my unit had some holdover quarter ton jeeps for the batallion scouts. We were zipping along some fire break when a deer cleared the jeep in front of us, the pintel mounted M60, and the astonished gunner bouncing around behind it.

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Well, you probably will get it at some point. Everyone will. That's just the truth.

Now... take your ivermectin and you'll be fine in a matter of 3 days or less.

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The stripper doesn't mandate the lap dance, so.... still better than Fauci.

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smh Who gives a fuck if you have a Jewish grandparent if you've accepted Jesus?

Don't be obtuse.

Do you know the story of Saul? Do you understand it? Do you understand the sentiment behind "render onto Caesar that which is Caesar's?"

God is the only king man needs. Caeser does not claim souls. Israel does not claim souls. God does.

And if you think otherwise... or even CARE what Israel says is "legal"... then you have rejected the very teachings of your Bible.

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Legal definition? Are you retarded? Is that what matters? Or is it accepting Jesus?

You are an embarrassment to Christianity.

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Meh. No information in that post that would convince me it is anything but roleplaying.

Especially the lack of details and/or data that would constitute a real leak. Way to general.

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In a real pandemic, they'd need to fight people off to get a vaccine.

Such BS...

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Just ignore the people who turn every conversation into some wild-eyed rant about "da JOOS!"

They are as bad as the libs who turn every political conversation into "orange man bad!"

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I hope you openly laughed at him.

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...and General Flynn.

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I'm ready for the nuclear apocalypse. Best chance for humanity at this point.

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Is it blacks? Blacks?

Yeah... they don't show up at Trump rallies because you liberal racists tell them that if they think for themselves, "they ain't black."

Funny how that works.

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Haha. Funny.

No... I will not buy into your soon-to-be-illegal funny money. Nor will I accept it for any debt, public or private.

I love Constitutional conservatives who claim to love the Constitution unless it is pesky little concepts like "coinage." Hypocrite.

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