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biological men are men and need to fucking stay in mens sports lol

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not to mention the 100 flood of god wrath and the 12 plagues of china lol

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snuggling Jesus is the best place in the world next to snuggling girlfriends

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America will always have the biggest wings, wouldn't wanna get left behind if everyone decides to fly

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and if you have an issue with me good

fuck you and your feelings you fucking spineless piece of shit lol

this is us against them and if you wanna become them than betray your real fucking homies one more fucking time for the shitstains

see what you'll really lose in it all homies

because you already are and it's almost wiped you out already to live thriving on hate for us whites and never growing up and getting your own in this world

get over yourself

we didn't even act priveledged until you faggots started with us lol

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which one are you lol this seems like a you issue and i was just shitposting?

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was he being threatened though

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damn straight im not here to play games fool

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