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To build on this ^ , they're not 'out to stop Chynna', .. they and Chynna have the Same Masters.

They're out to stop Feeedom and Human Existence. 'Chynna's rights' (our First Amendment) are just in their way.

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The potatoes for their fries are supplied by Bill ("put vaccines in the foods") Gates, now? ..

Sooo, .. Big Mac and Noose Boy.

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'less than 10 minutes at 2,000hp', .. but it only takes like 10hp to drive at freeway speeds.

And by comparison a 2,000 hp gasoline vehicle would use 1,000 lbs of fuel per hour at that output level .. and to use the McLaren F1 as a core concept -- for having a pretty generous 23 gallon fuel tank, -- it (if it Had 2,000hp) would burn thru its entire 23 gallons in about 8.5 minutes.

Bonus note: the 620hp original McLaren F1 seminal hypercar would get destroyed at a redlight by someone's mom's 5seater Tesla 3. Don't even broach an S Plaid.

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"what r u? their judge, jury, and executioner?? reee reeeee reeeeee!"

.. 'Nope. They chose to discard all civil regard and acted to harm innocent people near someone able to stop them. I'm merely the mechanism of their suicide.'

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the gayest pic ever

Macron: I don't Have Enough Money For This Pizza

Zelensky: And I Can't Afford My Rent This Month

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So depression treatment made his ears lay back ... and made his head more narrow and elongated?

He must have gone to a Shrink.

by Tesic
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There's another layer to the scam. The " Federal Reserve " claims that growth rates of more than 5% or so trigger "chaotic Boom/Bust cycles", so they stress, puppeteer, the US economy to prevent high (real/organic) growth rates, .. controlling, weighing down the economy's "irrational exuberance" if, despite all their other sabotages, it occasionally manages to grow anyway.

Meanwhile, competing/enemy nations are free to run 8%, 10%, etc (if their inferior systems are able) grow rates and that's just fine for them, even being lauded by our idiot media.

So, although fantastically higher than Social Security's payout, the $1.9million @ 5% figure is quite light and should be compounded at twice that or higher.

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Commies trying to promote being stupid as a good thing.

They're just proffering for others to adopt their Own model.

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"China is attacking us by resuscitating functional societal roles that make nations stronger." -some quisling's diseased mind

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It seemed very necessary at the time that it was planned, and then took 'forever' to launch, and right after that Musk freed Twatter.

Trump was pretty mad.

But yeah Trump should definitely be on both platforms, and try to Innovate TSoc to relevance, rather than berate everything and everyone else for Not using it.

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Why does Hunter call Joe Biden - Pedo Pete?

Maybe 'Pete' is that double's Real name? It certainly isn't "Joe Biden".

He's still a pedo, but his physical resemblance to actual antigun former senator-dipshit Joe Biden is tenuous at best.

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you left out quite a few, as well as a claim that 'soros endorsed him' also. but here's the problem - if the deepstate Wanted desantis, do you honestly think they're dumb enough to publicly act (everywhere) like he's their boy? 2 yrs out from the election? loudly? and from some of the Most unpopular, if not publicly-hated, of their leaders, toties, and fakenews purveyors?

they supercomputer AI-game every secret move, years ahead of time, but re desantis they just willy-nilly go out on tv and announce how 'he's their boy'.

.. 🤦‍♂️ Really?

to quote witwer in minority report: it's an Orgy of 'evidence'.


. . . . . . . . .

btw what soros said was to predict that trump and desantis would battle for the repub-nod, essentially that the RINOwef GOPe would hand the nod to desantis, that no trumpers (including trump) would be able to accept that, and trump would run Third-Party, splitting the conservative vote and handing the 2024 straight back to globohomo.

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MAGAS should have filled every available position

And Real ones, not RINOs and whatever shithole organization pushes wef activists into 'Conservative' judgeships.

.. the 'Federalist Society'.


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