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Exactly why do you think Kentanji Jumanji Brown is now on the SC? For her legal expertise and loyalty to America, or her aspirations to reinterpret 1A?

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Order from chaos.

It probably matters more to them that their interests are served, than whether or not their motives are seen as hypocritical by the public. As it goes for politics in our country as well.

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I know the truth, and I can say that you're wrong in thinking that freedom and equality are derived from Christianity.

As concepts they predate the New Testament and have probably existed far longer than any historical document on record. You may disagree but I'm a firm believer that what the West is currently going through is nothing new and has happened many times in the past.

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It seems more and more to me that the ultimate battle isn't really across the individual/collective ideological lines. It's more across the spiritual vs. materialistic worldviews.

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I agree with everything you've said here.

But the important question to ask is then, what ARE your values? What are our values?

On the right currently, it's a shitshow...though it's getting a little better as of late. That's the cultural advantage the left has over us. See, their values are clear to them, out in the open, agreed upon. Yet on the right, many people still uphold leftist values like 'equality' and 'liberty'--just toned down versions that fall in line with reacting to the onslaught of progressivism. It's merely reactionary and provides no positive identity for the right.

So, what are positive values of the right? God. Faith. Family. Anti-degeneracy. Pro-basedness. Pro-strength. Pro-nation. Self-sufficiency. Loyalty to one's own people; not to other groups. These are also values shared by the founders of this country which have since been lost. Once you remove God and family, equality and liberty quickly eventually get taken to their logical extremes: an anything-goes Satanic wasteland. Just like it says in the Bible.