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I’m not one of the cool kids. What’s an oppo? Can I see it at the zoo?

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My comment is still up. I was the second response too.

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I’d tell them I already have an insurrection and ask them what they’re wearing.

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You’re lucky. The ones I know think things are still like they were in the 90s. The worst part is they’re 100% positive they’re right because they have experience. It also doesn’t help that they repeat all the brainwashing to each other.

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Black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off lol. It’s not perfect but I think it makes the point. I need to pick up a flag.

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Imagine a group of half a dozen well trained men with a mission. Now think about how many men we trained in the 20 year war and imagine how many small groups might pop up if the time comes. They risked their life for this country and most are not happy. Throw in some redneck hunters and gun enthusiasts and they’re going to need more than F-15s and nukes.

They seem to forget this is America.

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I asked that a long time ago and never got a straight answer and never researched it. I think most of them are in cities with commie Sheriffs.

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If all three branches of government are illegitimate and corrupt, what is our civic duty again? I don’t plan on holding any signs but I did raise a black flag today.

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I’m going to have one flying tomorrow.

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I need a black flag.

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You underestimate some of us or have too much faith in the cops. I’ll shoot them dead and not even flinch til they have their hand on their gun. I won’t get them all but I haven’t met one that wanted to go toe to toe with me yet.

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I want the neighbors to hear their cries first and know the horror they have brought upon the world. After that, I concur.

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Media is the distribution center for the propaganda. Every single person that works there, even the fucking janitor, is culpable.

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A fair trial can’t be had in this country so it’s a moot point anyway. The People need to execute them in the street in front of their homes, families, and neighbors.

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I’m just saying you should try to be effective in your endeavors.

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They need to be shot, after a fair trial of course.

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Just make sure your mags are loaded and you’re ready. It’s close. Remember that your neighbors are not the ones controlling this.

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