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It wasn’t long after that NASA began their infamous muslim outreach… because space travel wouldn’t be possible without ancient mathematics invented by geniuses who wipe their ass with their hand.

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The us govt gave Ukraine 40 billion after their enemy had invaded.

But remember, the us govt doesn’t care about Americans.

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There’s a video floating around about Hollywood makeup artists and how the whole video production industry is quite cozy with the us govt. If I find it, I’ll share it.

Gone are the days when you see the hero’s picture in the paper the next day and everyone raises him up on their shoulders.

Don’t be too quick to believe those who can and have lied to you before.

We already know the murderer wasn’t the only evil one there.

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An American Hero. Some one that stepped up and did an awesome thing….

He is a hero if, and this is a BIG IF, if this turns out to be true.

Personally I’m leaning to the idea that he broke ranks and stopped the murder, against the wishes of the local police and feds. We all know they would have preferred a black woman or wise Latina tranny to have fired the kill shot.

A lot of questions still remain. They still may end up suiciding the hero so he doesn’t talk. Or maybe he’s in on it too.

I won’t trust anything these demons in government or law enforcement do anymore.

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Ol’ Rapey Spacey doesn’t want an easy lay.

He likes ’em with a little fight in ‘em.

He’s more of a “catch and release” sportsman.

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Do you really believe everything the media or law enforcement tells you?

Do you believe the 2 cops who engaged the shooter weren’t “elite enough” to put a round center mass on the suspect as this mysterious and unnamed miracle marksman with so much more training than everyone else?

If you buy all of that without a healthy dose of skepticism, you haven’t been paying attention.

Can you settle a bet for us? Me and a buddy are wondering if you typed your message while wearing mask.

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$10 bucks says that dude is a fabrication and the shooter actually committed suicide.

Too much don’t add up with this “story”.

I ain’t buyin’ it.

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He’s border patrol.

He’s not paid by you and has no duty to represent anyone but the state.

He will do what he must to ensure he keeps getting his checks… if he even actually exists!

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It’s just distraction. There is no difference.

They want to draw attention away from the violent Mexican tranny.

Creating a hero and leaking his name in a few days will be a nice segue into the next thing to support.

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Agent looking at camera:

“Is this the line for pasta and walnut sauce?”

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Me too.

Notice to Geico or any any insurance company who might be considering going woke for trannys, disneys, or anything degenerate involving children…

Go woke, go broke.

There are a lot more traditional, Christian, non faggots than you think.

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There’s photos of him buying all White House staff 5 Guys meals when working late one night on some commie bullshit.

Just because 0bama likes burgers doesn’t mean I’ll hate them… but 5 Guys’ burger isn’t even that special. Their fries are fantastic but a meal there isn’t worth more than $8.00 even when Trump was president.

Smash Burger is soooo much better than 5 Guys, but they’re not as common. Even Culver’s is leagues ahead of 5 Guys and more reasonably priced, and become more widespread. Culver’s also is a large supporter of youth sports and probably has the best shakes in the world!

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No, her last job was a bottle opener.

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What I find interesting is how you have several comments all saying the SAME THING.

Its like you're trying to dominate the conversation.... classic leftist approach. If you can't convince everyone you're right, then just keep repeating until you wear them down. This cheapens and demeans the content for anyone reading throughout the thread.

Not sure if there is a limit, but you come across as a shill that's just screaming for attention.

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Interesting perspective.

So…. How many comments have you made in this thread?

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