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Fake and gay. Delete this shit.

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Trump. Then DeSantis 2028.

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But mostly Texas. Stop moving to Texas!

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Lacking something can be a good thing. I am lacking their death jab.

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"Brave search (in some contexts)" do you mind expanding on this? I recommend Brave to normies all the time. I guess it's time to stop.

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But all with the same symptoms... interesting theory

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I have taken ivermectin. Yes.

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I'm in the same boat. It's funny how everyone here knows better even though they have zero experience with it. So many people talking out of their ass. I've lived with it since September. No vax just covid.

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Oh it exists. I'd trade it with you any day if I could.

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False. I'm unvaxxed. I've had long covid since September. It sucks. I've done I-MASK+ and am currently seeing a neurologist. Saying it's more frequent with the jab is probably true, but I am living proof that it is not just the jabbers.

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If they are liberal feminists, their husbands probably hate them too.

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Flex Seal only works on marine life, hence the name. It is not FDA approved like the Gorilla glue hair product.

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Linux has about a hundred flavors with different programs installed. And you can always download what you need with a simple command. Referring to all of Linux as a single OS with the implication that it has all the programs installed is not a correct point of view. Go install Arch Linux it has nothing else installed. I'm sure you'll find it useful.

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