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Next they'll ask us to stop calling it "child rape", and instead call it "adolescent surprise sex"

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And this is why there won't be any voting our way out of this.

They know what they have done.

We know what they have done.

They know that we know what they have done.

They know what they deserve for what they have done.

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That lil' feller ain't gonna be able to chop much wood.

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Dude looks like he's in his 50's and the type of pedo that would totally try to justify "dating" a 15 year old.

"It's ok, Skylar is VERY mature for her age."

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"And where are the receipts for the donations you claimed four years ago? Oh, you don't have them?"


The IRS will now claim this property for multi-family housing for illegal aliens I mean undocumented dreamers.

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It’s the leading cause of total coincidences.

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How come all these faggots keep letting me fuck them in the ass? Don’t they know I’m straight?!?

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Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is technically a fruit.

Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

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And now I’m sad to find out Kermit works for the CCP

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Goldilocks demands an end to dangerous disinformation that someone has been eating the porridge of the three bears!

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81 million votes my ass

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The Globalists have pushed all in. There is no going back for them. Their bet is that they have enough of the people lulled to sleep that they can implement their plan before we either rise up, or deprogram enough of the NPC's that they no longer have a critical mass.

right now they are winning.

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I was gonna say a horse and a cow

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If only someone could have told them a year ago that big pharma would turn their immune system into a subscription service.

*this post has been labeled as dangerous disinformation.

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Goldilocks launches campaign targeting dangerous conspiracy theories that someone ate the three bears porridge.

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Fuck Ted "Vote your Conscience" Cruz.

He only LARPs as MAGA when it fits his purpose.

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