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For any Raytheon fellow pedes following this thread, that have received an exemption... DO NOT under any circumstance, complete the “Ethics and Compliance” training that was rolled out today BEFORE first taking a screen shot (with your phone) of every single page to share with your attorney.

The bastards are getting sneaky.

[Yes, I work in the legal department of this corrupt organization]

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Thank you for kindness. I am actively interviewing and have a unique skill set, but know that I’ll never again make the salary I do at Raytheon. Although, money may be irrelevant in the near future so maybe that won’t matter much.

Congrats on your baby. Stay well.

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I work in the legal department and know first hand exactly what is coming for those who are “exempted.”

So no, it was never on the table for me.

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I’m guessing you know nothing about Raytheon. I’m not choosing to leave my job, they are firing the unvaccinated.

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What made you think I’m quitting? Seems really stupid to assume you know what you’re talking about.

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Yeah, it’s a bad deal, but comical at this point.

I had an call with HR yesterday and she asked what it would take for me to get the vaccine (they know they are going to be hosed when I’m gone) and I said three things (i) Trump back in the White House, (ii) McConnell and Graham out of office, and (iii) 15 million in life insurance. She chuckled and said “so it’s political then” I said, absolutely not, but with those things in place I know that the world for my daughters would be safe for at least a little while and I can die in peace after taking the jab.

She silently hung up the phone.

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Pretty sure that’s Bill Barr

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That’s how it’s done. I sued each of our nine school board members individually for forcing my daughters to wear a medical device on their face and practicing medicine without a license to do so.

The mask mandate was rescinded in the dead of night and another word hasn’t been mentioned since.

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I love you, my fellow Raytheon pedes.

I work for Collins. In the legal department. I have been making life difficult for all.

I. Will. Never. Bend.

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This is how it’s done. I sued every single member of our board individually for practicing medicine without a license to do so.

The mask mandate was retracted that night.

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This shit is crazy. If there are any sane, attractive Canadian or Aussie men that need a wife to get into America (while you still can), I’ll be her.

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