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Holy fuck, dude. Best comment ever made on .Win.

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Leftists hate their family.

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No big deal, just a sexual emergency.

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I'm sure if you call the White House and tell them you're part of the Taliban, they'll deliver an Apache to your house.

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Live your life like Barry and Big Mike do.

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The left will never be able to fathom how integral they were in radicalizing me. Me, a college Democrat and two-time Big Mike Bottom voter who entered political consciousness in late high school as the shameful Bush dynasty came to an end.

Who radicalized me? You did.

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These people have absolutely no meaning in their life. They’re not even human. Pure filth.

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It's literally a renamed flu, dude. When we say "COVID doesn't exist," we mean it's the flu. We understand people are getting sick. From the flu. And the cases and deaths are all overcounted beyond belief.

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It's almost like the nogs will never be able to approach the West.

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Because I'm trying to make this site better, you halfwit.

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If you were anything more than a low-engagement retard who couldn't figure out Gabby Petito was murdered, you would know I am one of the only people on this site that has known the Chinese Virus was complete bullshit from Day One. I'm not injected and never will be. You'll always be a mongoloid, though.

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Site is retarded. In the mudslide of links to poorly written articles, fake news, misinformation, and fear porn, you can sometimes get some good nuggets here. Most of it is just shit like this, though.

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Wait...do people here actually think this grainy JPEG that just says "Clint Eastwood" means Clint Eastwood said these things?

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Well the good news for the elites is their menu of children is back in stock.

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Tariq Nasheed isn't like me. This is OUR country, Tariq. Go back to your fucking shithole, "Kang."

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