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People don't get it. Economic collapse (real or imagined) would not be the catalyst for rolling back all these restrictions.

What it is is noncompliance with mask and vaccine mandates (and losing in the courts). Tyrants HATE looking like they are not in control. Most of New York State has openly defied Governor Kathy Hochul's mask edicts. This is about their image.

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It's Anaconda. He's living with an outdated brain.

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You didn't meet your mother's new husband for a year? As a kid? How is that fucking possible. I have to assume they dated for some period of time before marriage, also.

Good story.

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How many more "trucker protests" are you dullards going to fall for? It's not real. Showing me a few dozen or even a few hundred trucks "not making deliveries" is not convincing.

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.Win still mistakenly believing "COVID" is anything but influenza. The flu doesn't "take the year off," people.

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I seriously don't give a flying fuck about Australia, and the moment .Win at large starts to feel the same, we'll be better for it.

The shit you are seeing is clearly NOT coming to the United States. Why do you fuckers have such a soft spot for them, anyways? They're Canadians, but even more gay.

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It's impossible to be this tone deaf.

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Oh come on Anaconda, you don't want to play along with .Win's fever dream?

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Anderson Pooper just sitting there like...I have a gaping asshole.

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.Win doesn't realize that unless you are living a 100% cash-only existence, you already use "digital currency." DURRRRRRRRRR!!!

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I know portions of .Win are (rightfully) hesitant to acknowledge that something changed starting in late December.

But something changed. Watch the rats scurry. It's almost time to kill them.

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