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If i can't be a whore without consequences that is literally slavery and fascism!

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A huge portion of that "pro choice" comes from high populations in NY and CA, states which will still have abortion if it is left to individual states to decide. Only polls that would matter are polls of individual states because that is who decides if it is overturned.

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Using needlessly complex language to describe simple things in order to confuse people isn't intelligence.

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Many people have died in that clinic.

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Most people shouldn't have the right to reproduce to begin with. The world is broken because the worst are allowed to multiply. The elites want a stupid, easily manipulated populace. Eugenics needs a comeback.

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Oh no! Baby murderers dying from an unsafe abortion! Im so devastated!

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every day is a challenge to these people to further beat down on my mental health

Yes it fucking is. You deserve to live in hell you fucking piece of trash. Until you kill yourself I will not be satisfied. You are a cancer on this nation and this earth.

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"Erasure" in other words if everyone isn't paying attention to them 24/7 they throw a big tantrum

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Yes to first one and the second one is literally already on twitter lmao

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Because in order to be successful and smart you need a piece of paper saying so.

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