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I see what you did there. I like it.

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The coverage of this event is all misleading. It’s a decommissioned coal wash, hasn’t been used in years. “Abandoned building collapses” would be a more honest headline, but it couldn’t be used to advance mUh CoAl Is BaD

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How did they hide his horns?

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Haha that’s great. Also I like your username

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I hate weed. I hate the smell of it. More than anything I hate the culture of it. I hate potheads. I hate anyone that caters to potheads. And I wish we could go back to total and complete ban of weed, if only to piss off the potheads and the pot lobby.

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Flake & the Fat Man

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She will be instructed by her overlords that she has made a mistake with this. She will change her mind.

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I think that’s Elton’s latest album title

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Trouble is, next step will be banning crucifix pendants or WWJD bracelets or ugly Christmas sweaters in the name of MuH SeCuLaR.

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They salivate at the thought of President Trump being put in a jail, believing he will be frightened or perhaps even attacked.

They are so wrong. He would be adored. A party would break out.

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