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Lol that was the first thing I caught as well.

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Lol don't look up the judge that signed the warrant then. Or who controls the media, global banking, pornography, illegal immigration, literally everything wrong with the world.

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They aren't making a mistake. They are in complete control of the Federal Government and have weaponized it against the people while we PAY them for the please of being enslaved.

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Some one with the skills needs to add pox marks to the pride flag.

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Because if you break all of America's negative stats down by race you quickly realize that black people are a plague on this nation. Violent crime, infanticide, welfare, prison population, STDs, school testing, least amount of income tax, etc, etc, etc.

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Meet regularly with your neighbors and like mind friends. Become the leader you cannot find locally. Be the the solution.

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Gotta pay for all the joggers somehow.

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Bless your public educated heart.

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Here's some actual education. Anderson (a slave owner himself) and the federal forces were garrisoned at Fort Moultrie. Moultrie was indefensible from the land side so Anderson abandoned it under the cover of darkness and took the unoccupied Sumter. The land and waterway that Sumter was built on was leased from the City of Charleston and State of SC with the stipulations that it be completed, occupied, and maintained within 3 years. Fed Gov failed to achieve any of this, which is why the garrison was in Moultrie to begin with. The only prior occupant of the fort was a goat herder hired by the city of Charleston to keep the vegetation down.

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Anything by Shelby Foote Company atych Doctor to the front Mary Chestnuts civil war diary

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"First shot" was fired at the federal ship Star of the West that was trying to resupply Ft Sumter after the federal forces illegally occupied it. Citadel cadets hit it 3 times and drove it off. Lincoln and his black republicans were the aggressors and tyrants. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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Grant slaughtered 52,000 of his men in May 1864 alone. There is a reason hisen called him "The Butcher."

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