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I'm not sure why they'd crop it, it looks even worse like that.

Olds77 -54 points ago +8 / -62

Yes, Nickelodeon too and they go on to do crazy, super fucked up shit after, because the sexual abuse fucks them up.

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It might be worth it for someone with cancer or some other terminal diagnosis to get vaxxed and yell at Phil Murphy the whole dinner about what a huge asshole and thief he is.

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In all fairness it looks like this was a crop and there is probably something else she is looking at or dealing with. I'm not going to hang someone on a photo as this kid looks to be walking by her and she could have a smile on her face for numerous reasons and I'd take 1:10 against (10 bucks gets me a dollar) odds easily that she's laughing for some reason other than what is displayed.

That said I forcing kids to wear masks is beyond bullshit.

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Go fuck yourself. Trump couldn't have nixed all this shit on the 6th and you know it. The military leadership hated him and would have been happy to toss his ass in jail too after killing a bunch of his supporters, but at least this way we have a shot to expose everyone and everything.

Trump was always going to be hounded by more investigations and more bullshit and he knew that, yet he still ran and fought for us, so knock it the fuck off with your ungrateful, shitty attitude as the way you talk it sounds like your loser ass wanted Hillary and are wearing your pussyhat as you shill here.

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Because Trump has said the opposite at times to get the left to do what he wants. You forget how bad TDS is.

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Are we comparing those numbers to the ones they manufactured in Philly and other counties with damn near endless fraud, or the real Trump landslide in PA?

Olds77 -47 points ago +11 / -58

He took a stand on something right when it cost him money to do so. I'm not from Missouri, but they've elected people with far worse resumes. Here's hoping the people of the great state of MO get the best candidate they can in office.

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Bryson's pretty damned brilliant and makes some great music. I'm sure people might like hip hop if not for the mainstream business side of it trying to make it all about blowing money in da club as there's some really intelligent stuff being written, but I'm too old to keep up.

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Most of the RINO fuckheads that undermined Trump, us and this country at every turn look to that evil, fat, super gay, smelly shithead.

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Alts and bots from butthurt losers. All my posts get downvoted by some bitter fuckups and you can check my post history if you're curious. The sad Jebs are up to -50 downvotes at times depending at how angry they get after taking too many puberty blockers.

Olds77 -16 points ago +4 / -20

I have a lot of paid shills and butthurt losers following my posts around downvoting. The most recent is the Frank Luntz brigade, men hired by him to undermine Trump by pretending to be from the right.

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We're in an information war and have been for years. I think lots of idiots got swept up into herd mentality, but the truth will come out about the 6th and how bullshit the narrative is. People have to be aware of how groups behaved and how to out provacateurs and bad actors trying to manipulate the crowd.

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It's nice Trump has some backup in the house and he doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting himself and the Democrats can be fought on multiple fronts.. I want this commission, because it just shows how worthless the democrats are and their narrative may finally be shattered and when it does, the people will see why the Democrats were so willing to lie to the American people to cover for their voter fraud.

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Trump told them not to be violent and she was jumping through a window that was broken a moment ago. Ashley did exactly what Trump told her not to and the only way we get justice for her is for the truth to come out which the media has been doing their damndest to prevent.

Trump's bringing attention to it the only way he knows how and I think this commission is a trap he's luring the Dem's into. What happens when they review all that footage that totally destroys every narrative of theirs. Do you think that video released yesterday showing them being invited in just got released randomly?

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No, in all likelihood he's some edgy loser who probably did all this for validation and attention and thinks women will want to sleep with him. Social media is full of worthless attention whores and he'll be back bawling his eyes out this evening in bed as none of it makes him happy.

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You can check my post history. I have some butthurt losers and shills botting on me and it's been like that for months.

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Possibly. If they can't scan the ballots and half to count them manually that would be a win, provided they don't rig that too.

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They don't make much in the US these days, sadly. I can't get their numbers for 2021, but I bet they're even lower. More than half of their cars aren't even half made in the USA and if you want something more American go look to Honda or Toyota, as the Ridgeline and Tundra are more American than the F-150, Ram or Silverado.

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People were wondering about your downvote bots you keep using on me with all your alts as you can't seem to shill here, nor stalk me enough, creep. I think the poor no matter their background should have far better opportunities and support for those that are trying to work and their kids should have a better future than their parents did. I'm all about meritocracy which knows no skin color, but you bigoted losers seem to love going after certain races, demonizing them and creating double standards.

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I was thinking that, the FBI and CIA I worry about, but then again they've been hiring these people for at least a decade. The military doesn't work when they try nearly as well as their shiney, expensive toys that they pay fortunes to the military industrial complex don't work very well when they have useless idiots who can't get out of bed in time to save their lives man them. I am not worried about the enlisted people and just about the worthless officers they already seem to have in place in too many places. Mattis didn't want to stop shit and he'd been in power for decades.

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I wonder if this is to keep the masses from showing their Trump support and help the illusion of their "victory" so more people don't question the lack of support for Biden.

Olds77 -46 points ago +8 / -54

Yes, it sounds like they are worried about the overwhelmingly anti Tom Wolf votes out there and how it will look if the votes aren't similar enough to the 2020 election which they rigged.

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