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I keep a drum like I'm Nick Cannon"

Translation: I can stay on beat like the main character from the movie Drumline.

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Bryson Gray is good too.

He has a Let's Go Brandon song too.

It's actually a better song, imo, but not quite fun, youthful & repetitive enough to ride and iTunes wave to the top.

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This is a takeover.
Global terrorists are obliterating the United States and enslaving the American people right now.

Don't be fooled by the half-assed attempt to give the appearance of a legitimate government.
They are putting everything in place needed to finish this takeover.

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It's not your government.

They're unelected global terrorists who installed themselves using election fraud.

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It's a passionless movement because the climate change lies have been so widely exposed.

That lack of passion means they do nothing on their own.
Find out who's paying and directing them.

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Wow, this guy is fucking evil.

Simple straightforward questions and he danced around them like a fucking criminal politician.

He didn't even answer why Joe should get a clot shot even though he has natural immunity.

He literally just didn't answer, and he got away with it.

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January 6th was the Save America March.

The capitol stuff was FBI/Antifa fuckery.

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I think that's probably the goal.
They're trying to make the most tolerant people in the country lose their tolerance.

Then they'll call you a terrorist when you do.

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Governor Abbott is a globalist pretending to be a conservative.
Expect him to reverse everything during the next phase of the takeover.

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There are no blue counties in Texas, just red counties with rampant election fraud.

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Mandates aren't laws.
No one is required to follow them.

Any member of government who attempts to enforce an unconstitutional law or mandate with fines or force can legally be arrested by any American citizen and it is the duty of American citizens to do so, especially members of law enforcement and military who have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

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They're now just armed thugs.

No more legitimate than a gang of saggy pants homies flashing their guns, invading homes and kidnapping people.

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Marching towards tyranny.

There are just some wannabe communists onboard who think the NWO is bringing communism to the world 😆

Boy are they in for a rude awakening.

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The other two thirds: 👏👏 👏👏👏

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It's true.
Neither dead people nor dominion algorithms want jobs.

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And it doesn't permit the creation of a global injection-based human depopulation and enslavement system.

That is the goal.
Money just greases wheels.

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Don't want to be a downer but odds are COVID-22 (mass death & disease caused by the injections) is going to start soon and the whole planet will be a medical tyranny prison.

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That article is robotic; devoid of emotion and choppy, like they're trying to make the article unappealing and avoid inducing outrage.

The fact that he was not only a cop, but a cop exploiting covid restrictions is very problematic for them.
They want it to go away.

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Nobody still believes it has anything to do with a virus.
Not even the cops.

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