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DAMN IT .....

MY EYES!!!!!!


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Who is this? Sam from DOOL or bad clubbing ice skating girl TH

I honestly would like to know.

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Like so many out there, this guy cannot admit he was wrong.

Instead he triples down on stupid and get's in line for the next shot......

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Wow that was some word salad there.

"We'll keep the EP in order but trust us, it is equally as painful for you as it is for us, cause we don't want to keep using the EP, but we need to, for your safety of-course, we just need to do this to root out all the Mimas and Pipas who donated and F them up for speaking out, we also need to go after the 1CAD donations and repossess their assets to make sure the insurrectionist never attempt to speak out against us, and then we can lift these EP, we will but first we need to make sure everyone takes another dose of the 10 doses of the "new" jabs I (Castro Jr.) ordered all peasants to take and then maybe we will talk about possibly lifting the EP, but we just need to see what happens after we stomp out all free thinkers and crush any life left... only then might we possibly look at releasing people from the EP but not till then and even then... we will see. and please trust us, this is hurting us more than you cause we just don't want to use the EP, we just need to for your safety, again.........(∞)

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The World laughs as Americans realize they are no shining beacon of DEMOCRACY.

We too are a third world s hit show.

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Well wait there just a moment....

How is it that nobody remembers those Fraudchi emails directly stating "the virus has an HIV component" to it?

Amazing how legacy journalists never "investigated" what that meant.

They all hailed the Golden Calf, and worshipped Fraudchi and his "I'M THE SCIENCE" BS.

by klmd
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Do you remember all the propaganda videos depicting mass hospitals build in 24 hours?

I do.

by klmd
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Well as a Latina, I am miffed at the thought someone would call me lantinX , so I decided to adopt the idea for encapsulating the Mongolians, Uighurs, Hans and Tibets ? Chin x

by klmd
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Done with intent.

Seems to me, the whole idea of Mass Formation Psychosis is very real.

by klmd
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To me that was the biggest tell tell sign of this HUGE LIE!!!!

At the very start of all this we never saw people dropping like those commie chin x.

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This is utter BS!

The Federal government already stated it is up to the STATES! Which is something President Trump said at the very beginning.

Now the Governors of said STATES will say, "Oh, it's up to the locals" TOTAL BS, because we know they will do what...?


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Gust and YT,

Yes Joe bent the knee. Just listen to Robert talk about his WTF moment.

Sorry and I'm not sorry the dogs are going full cannibalism on JR. When he could have hit them with facts, he bent and starting sucking....


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Cannot forget properly based kiddos....

My 6 year old has been singing this song all day.

"What, President Trump and I like the same songs!!!!" 😎

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President Trump was and is most certainly the Peoples' President.

That is why the Uniparty and the Demonrats hate him so much.....

He brought passion back into the American heart with his mean tweets and shining day light to the demons who rob the American dreams....

God I miss him.....

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He bent the knee... or in this case... both knees....

and for that he should pay.... the ultimate... his supporters leaving him for bending the knee and the rabies infested demonrats who only want to cannibalism....

Dinner is served......

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City Wide is major suspect.....

sketchy S...

Since they were there... Why lock doors? Why cop escort???

Why not come out and talk to their fellow brothers and sisters....


and clearly not to be trusted.

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half cocked is what I do... like that FBI meme and the person shooting before opening the door....

According to multiple threads "City Wide is now saying they are going home" but then ... stay put.....

IF any company even thinks about bending the knee... even a little bit...

They need to be shown a lesson..... May the wrath of everyone land on them....

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I wonder if they showed up and decided that maybe they should wait...

After all why would they lock their doors....?

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CITY WIDE has locked their doors and do not want to talk to their brothers and sisters.....

They are there to tow.... the trucks out....

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