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That's the other thing-- twitterfiles haven't TOUCHED COVID yet.


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Because things are no laughing matter these days. Even Pepe can’t help us right now.

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I still have my Trump Winery champagne waiting …

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Yes! Hasn’t every month since Obama been a new record for gun sales?

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Have you seen his gospel events? Dude is for real. Maybe a novice but his heart is in the right direction

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IF they actually use that blood. Maybe they would pull the old switcharoo. I don’t trust any doctor or hospital these days.

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As a Christian, I don’t think I’m allowed to pray for someone’s death and eternal suffering in hell.

Maybe one of you heathens can do it for me 😜

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US soccer commentators are SHIT. Too much chit chat and statistics and not enough game. And the WOMEN commentators, don’t get me started.

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He can tweet it out can’t he? He can say it during his stand up can’t he? He has a voice and a platform. He just doesn’t want to use it.

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The negative comments are off the charts!

Looks like reinstating conservatives and banning bots is working. 👍🏻

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The First Death is when you actually die. The Second Death is when no one remembers you anymore.

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As long as the old go before the young. The way nature intended. When kids die it’s a really hard thing to handle.

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Find the Lord if you haven't man. Thats the only thing that's going to help.

Yes indeed. At my moms funeral it was very comforting to think of her in the afterlife and meeting Jesus. I thought to myself at the time that it would have been unbearable if I didn’t believe in God and heaven.

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What were some of the replies?

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