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I will call you brother. Condolences fren.

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Gave McGowan and Christopher Story should be added to this list. RIP.

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Douchebags gonna douche...

But you'll still be a fucking diseased cunt.

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All I can offer is a hug (no homo) and a prayer, fren. Lost my dad in 2005, and still miss him.

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Watch Turkey. Bond contagion that started the avalanche with Evergrande is going to burn through Europe, then through here. Federal Reserve Tokens about to go the way of the Dodo bird.

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Had the TNT 8pm Christmas Eve - 8pm Christmas on the TV in the background all day. :)

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Oooooh, I want, lol. Of course, it would be easy enough to make one with a gray sweatshirt and red marker, but, silkscreened would give it a certain something :)

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Sorry, but this is a genius mashup of NdGT's ass-ho Santa Claus posts, and a well-known Oscar Gamble quote.


It is a valid first-amendment protected expression of the fact that NdGT is a douchebag.

And as far as "Black Science Man" goes, that's exactly the sort of Stepin Fetchit, Uncle Thomson role he's playing. Completely accurate. Like "Bill Nye" represents Wonder Bread "science".

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Aunt and uncle weren't going to get the jabs but my cousins browbeat them into it this summer.

Uncle has metastatic cancer now. Causality or correlation? Can't be sure. But goddamnit.

OP did the right thing standing up.

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This God forsaken place is what almost gave Hillary's butt-boy McAuliffe another 4 years here. Instead we just got the RINO.

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"Now I have a machine gun. Ho - Ho - Ho"

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