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He's also 81. Why the fuck are these ancient zombies in charge? How much wealth do you need? You don't get to take any worldly possessions with you when you die so what the fuck?

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Some ally. They're always crying out in pain as they strike us.

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Cyberpunk 2077 anyone?

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People are already paying hundreds for "virtual" Nike & Reebok shoes. Walmart is going to partner with Meta to sell "virtual goods".

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I have my own personal Planet of the Apes upstairs from me. I'm sitting out in my car in 45° weather because I can't take listening to fucking jungle beats anymore. This was after I almost ran over another joggers german shepards because apparently leash and collar laws don't apply if you're black. Who has multiple german shepards in an apt anyways?

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Look at it's eyes. I'm beginning to think the different "races" are actually separate species.

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And it all started with the Confederate monuments. Barely anyone here wanted to fight for them because of "muh slavery".

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Fuck that. I'm currently living underneath a mixed race couple. They are some of the loudest, inconsiderate and rude people ever.

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It's probably because of the winter storms in the south.

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Because global homo has brain washed White women into showing how not racist they are by dating and having kids with black men.

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I'm surprised his handlers didn't shut down the presser after that question.

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They want the benefits (tax breaks, health insurance, inheritances) and none of the responsibilities.

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You ever wonder why Africa, despite it's abundance of natural resources is still a shit hole? Just look to Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and every major city run by black mayor for the answer.

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Long Covid? Is that what they're calling the heart damage from the vax?

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Peak clown world is the largest retailer announcing it's own crypto currency so that the sheep can virtually shop in Meta. Nike and Adidas already sell virtual sneakers that go for hundreds of dollars. The future is going to be ala The Matrix with everyone in a pod, hooked up to a fake reality.

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