by mcga123
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KFC or Popeyes would have been better.

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There is a scene in Breaking Bad where the wife shows Walter this huge pile of money he has amassed from his criminal enterprises. It would make a good meme.

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You can tell it's an election year when you have massive email dumps to shift through and meme about.

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Because it was a White on black crime and involved guns.

PKShadilay 52 points ago +56 / -4

BLM didn't get the memo that it's White Boy Summer 2: Electric Jigaboo

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This is definitely first and foremost a spiritual war.

My theory is that they have been using the large particle collider to seek out a way to kill God and replace the resulting power vacuum with a being of their choice.

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Why the fuck are they placing White foster children with joggers anyways?

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It's also a spiritual war. It will be a war for the souls of every person on the planet.

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I've never used that phrase once during a conversation in my life. I'm also pretty high on anti-social ladder.

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