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sounds like a great GOP ad to run - rather then help fellow Americans ... the rats went home

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Its not a pilot when the biggest 6 are participating.

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You know the Russian military would benefit from the knowledge in his head.

Also not every body is needed at the front.

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A&E has a series based on the books I think

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How about pony up your own funds for a provincial police force and send the RCMP home.

If you let Ottawa police you ... you get federal enforcement.

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For a while you couldn't leave - then you could but upon return you had to put a government app on your phone that was developed by 3rd party contractors (a technique used by government agencies to side step restrictive legislation usually on data collection).

Basically you were harassed for 14 days to quarantine even without symptoms. They would call you OR ping their app.

The app would fuck up from time to time and put the vaxxed into quarantine which was funny.

So now the app will live on ONLY has a customs tool - but honestly - paper customs declarations worked fine until 2021 - so I see no need for government spyware on my phone.

The CanArrive app is funded for at least the next fiscal year so my guess is they will try to tie it into the WEF's Digital Id system.

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Yup .. "... and boosted" when they do ... bonus points - lean in and whisper it

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