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Yes contact their shareholders and initiate a hostile takeover 😂

Keep digging, they're out there!

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Idk if this is supposed to be a joke or not but that blood is very fake, she does not look traumatized at all... Oh and for someone who is bleeding from the hairline her hair sure looks unruffled with not a single hair wet with blood or stuck to the blood on the face at all...

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At first I was worried, but then I remembered God is above government.

When times like these come you just become ungovernable

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Anyone who listened to the entire call rather than the MSM edit would know that right away

Frivolous lawsuit

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Still alive, still kicking, still $1b cash on hand (1/5 of market cap cash on hand) still no debt

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Last a checked weeks ago, since the debt ceiling virtual removal they added $3t in debt, interest rates are 1 hike away from 2008 highs, banks offering 1% down on homes, small business loans up to almost 13%, CMBS and bonds as collateral about to bust, massive amount of loans maturing in 2024, student debt payments about to resume with the same maturity date so everyone who wasn't paying now has higher minimum payments

A big crash and hyperinflation is coming bois

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Most people don't know about evergrande because they're too busy falling for stupid culture war distraction shit on the news but Country Garden Holdings another large real estate firm (extremely large) is about to default on $199b of liabilities and the Chinese economy is fucked to a point they mind as well fuck it more while destroying the US by selling off it's bonds

"China could sell off all it's US treasuries and destroy us overnight"

"They would never do that, it'll be like shooting themselves in the foot"

"Yes, but their foot is on our head"

Another thing you'll never hear on the news, remember that O'Keefe video of the blackrock guy? Talking about wheat and Ukraine? Well that wasn't a random example, go check wheat futures on the market.

It's amazing how much shit goes through the cracks when you stop looking at culture war and political stories and start looking at the markets, the money and markets are what controls the world and the news is just a vehicle to sway it in their favor

Politics is stupid and don't actually matter, just a way to control emotions for money.

Anyway, that turned into quite the rant I didn't begin here to start.... Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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I feel like there is a super easy way around this

Easy as in easy to do, the hard part is the IRS haunting you for life because it's legal and they're mad about it.

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Arrest political opponents

Don't post on the news about it and do it on the down low

Yep, sounds like dictatorship.

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Y'all are pretty dumb if you think this culture war shit and $BUD going down is winning (news flash, they're still making profit and are up pre-market and beating the rest of the market right now)

Many hedge funds and institutions shorting the entire stock market are WEF members and when this economy finally crashes they are going to literally have more money than is in US circulation while you're distracted by culture war shit that doesn't matter. Want to fuck over WEF NWO? Buy and hold and never sell over leveraged "meme stocks" until they get margin called.

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What are railroads gonna do when they run out of signal bulbs and no companies make LED ones that are approved by the FRA?

Fun fact and LED marker light for a train costs like $400 as opposed to a much cheaper filament one.

Absolute scam.

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Hmmm maybe we shouldn't have shut down the economy for a virus that wasn't very lethal...

How's the trillions of dollars bandaid going now? Rates go up, we get more poor in the end, raise inflation, we get more poor in the end. They spend trillions on stupid shit and now we're footing the bill because they can't pay it back. It's like a teenager with daddy's credit card is in charge of our financial system.

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Idk they have a freight yard but it doesn't look like a maintenance facility anymore, interesting on google maps it seems they used to have a roundhouse and turntable which is a very old system and very few are left existing

Only notable things I see that would justify that airport over others is talking with rail unions, the college in the town, or real estate. Rail unions seem more in favor in my opinion due to all the news lately with them.

His DWAC stock doesn't seem to link at all, that is based in Florida

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I kinda doubt that, gas has a pretty short shelf life and you can generate electricity off the grid way easier than making your own gas... There is biodiesel but that is very inefficient to make

Just wait till people rely on wood gas for off the grid power, the easiest and most carbon producing way of making fuel!

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ken mayoman griifin cut his donations off.


the biggest rino donor around who was hoping to score a treasury secretary position off him winning so he could be exempt from capital gains taxes for himself.

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People accusing theaters of suppressing the film are absolutely retarded, the theaters are holding on by a thread right now and love the revenue hit movies are bringing in

Say what you want about Adam Aaron, call him a hedge fund plant, but why would he suppress this one movie rather than higher grossing ones if he plans to tank the company?

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When is BUD next quarterly report? Yahoo is saying December which can't be right. I want to see the actual numbers

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Remember that stunt in NY when they brought that ship in to handle the "overcrowded hospitals" then it left very soon after because it wasn't being used?

That ship could have actually been used to save lives and this cunt is to blame.

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Ok... What is the tent for? Just to say you're gay?

Don't even look at these people in public, attention is exactly what they're seeking.

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It's the Epstein connection, not the poop... Well maybe partially the poop

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