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Dude, I liked this video a lot so I looked at your history to see the other cool videos you had posted. But your entire history had been deleted except stuff you posted today. WTF?

Really like your user name. Reminds me of William in 1066 and his sidekick Orme de Davenport. Fortuna audentes juvat or Diebold? That is the question.

Spoiler alert: Only one of these has a power source. Where will you be when the lights go out?

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My statement points specifically at teachers unions as a problem but whatever bruh.

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Dude pedo Joe works for the devil.

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Dude, pretty sure the teacher's unions are a big part of the problem. They vote like 99% Democrat.

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Incompetence of the hoe is a bad reason to keep the pedo in office.

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James established a joint legal fund with the Republican National Committee in a bid to challenge the election results

There was his mistake. Ronna - how many $ did you steal from this election challenge fund?

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The devil's been after our DNA since the beginning. mRNA vax is no coincidence.

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Well it got you to come here and comment. Completely worthless. I agree.

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Bruh why are you triggered if you don't care?

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This year is no better and we're only 3 months in.

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School vouchers. Those grifting off the teat of public education must be put down.

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Joe was just about to grab the cops hand. LOLZ

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Great. Fuckerberg not only rigging elections but rounding up kids for the pedos. Makes me sick.

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Cameras in classrooms would help a lot. Parents could tune in to find out what the pervs are tryin to do to the kids.

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