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Unfortunately, it seems very likely that he is.

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I'd gladly come see them and donate some buckshot to you as thanks.

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Devastating. It's presence there was legendary.

I always wanted to see it in person...

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4 types...

  1. Sees everything bad and fights against it.

  2. Sees everything bad and ignores it.

  3. Doesn't see anything bad at all.

  4. Are actively aiding, abetting, & causing everything bad.

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Beautiful collection!

I'm no help, I like them all...but I wish you good reading!

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Yup. His son will be worse.

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Thank you so much! This is great advice and has been helping me each time I go workout! I'm feeling good and appreciate all of you guy's help!

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Thank you so much. I took this advice with me and it is so helpful. I've been going several times now and am feeling stronger and better each time. :)

Right, I want to tone and strengthen at the gym and use my change in diet for the "weight loss" part. It's been working pretty well so far. :D

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