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I wouldn't go that far. They are protecting their own people and self-interests, as they should be. But beyond preventing a power vacuum should the US or other major powers collapse, they don't give a damn what happens to it.

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I think the insanity of the last 5 years is making people crazy, personally. The vax is just another symptom of TDS.

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They fucked up bad. This is going to wake up a LOT of people.

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Empty Capitol? Empty as in nobody is on the grounds like on J6, or empty as in nobody is occupying the building whatsoever?

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I'm not surprised. City got some bail money and they don't have to waste time prosecuting a case against somebody with government ties.

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Everybody has to start somewhere. Not everyone here started out life quoting Andrew Breitbart and Thomas Jefferson.

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Fair enough. I just don't follow a lot of these accounts.

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I'm not very familiar with catturd aside from the memes and posts here. What is the significance of CatTurd and why is it so popular among the .wins?

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I owe the IRS $3600 because of their stupid stimulus bullshit. I've done my taxes all my life and I've never owed. This year, I paid $1700 already and now more. Fucking tyrants.

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The fact Trump trusts the President of potentially hostile nation more than the head of the Joint Chiefs says volumes about who the real enemy is. Sounds like Xi and Trump have similar goals: root out their deep state and not fight a world war. The only people who win in a war scenario are the military complex groups and the Great Reset maniacs.

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We went in to Outback in Reynoldsburg this past weekend and nobody said a word despite the window notice requiring them.

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No he didn't. He said the reasoning behind the story by WaPo was fake news, namely that he was so warmonger looking to nuke china.

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Unemployment is going to require it as well. They want us to be pariahs.

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The why it happened is fake. The call occurred.

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He isn't helping you, you communist fuck.

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I don't think that was what he meant by fake news. I think he is saying their story on why Milley made the call is fake news, not that the call itself was fake. The WaPo story is about Trump wanting to nuke China.

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Based on the context, it reads like the story of him wanting to bomb China was the fake news. He puts a lot of emphasis on that, not that the call never took place. If it never took place, he'd say as much.

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