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Ah. That puts the question into better context. That makes sense.

Like, "do you really think inflation is good? Don't you think it's a political liability right before midterms?!"

That's actually a great question that cuts straight through Biden's ridiculous spin. Hmm, I take it back! Thanks for the context fren!

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The first variant was tyranny...

Remember when they tried to tell us this came from bats and wet markets and China released videos of people dropping in the streets, convulsing, and foaming at the mouth?

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Wait what?

If China took over Mexico I'd absolutely consider that a threat!

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I don't want tit for tat. I want a fair justice system.

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He's not a conservative and doesn't claim to be.

He is what our opposition should be.

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Beck's best work is when he does a well researched special on a specific topic.

His worst work is when he's trying to be funny.

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This was a report by scientists in India back in early 2020.

They were pressured and forced to remove their findings but never stopped speaking out about it.

Keep in mind, while this proves it was lab created, it doesn't prove intentional release. For that, you must listen to Dong Jingwei, the highest level defector from China who spoke in great detail about how global pandemic was always the biggest winner in Chinese War games.

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No, it was taken over by the uniparty and the deep state.

And we all know it.

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You should continue this list to all of the things we were right on.

The virus is man made and came from the lab in China

2 weeks won't be 2 weeks

Covid isn't going away

Masks don't work

Lockdowns don't stop the spread and only hurt small businesses

The government will force mask mandates

The government will force vaccine mandates

The numbers are intentionally inflated

The PCR tests aren't accurate

Asymptomatic people can't transmit

Etc etc

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To be fair... We got those numbers from the CDC lol

So the CDC is catching up to themselves?

Or more likely, the head of the CDC is propaganda and trying to make the Biden administration look less incompetent.

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You should have learned the difference between causation and correlation a looong time ago, bud.

Generalization is something the left does. Don't be like them.

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It's worse than that...

Intelligent people are silenced so that stupid people won't be informed

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Just a heads up...

The basic centrum multivitamins you see in every grocery store contain all that except quercetin.

But wash one down with a glass of red wine and you should be set!

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