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or they are literally retarded, barely sentient and should be treated as such

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let them move to shit hole India and produce garbage codes there, deeply discounted shitty programs are still shitty programs, their business will suffer as result.

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the abbos do have memories of dogs, the government had to make TV ads telling them not to sniff petrol and not to sleep in the middle of the road. AND THEY ARE STILL DOING IT!

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they also donated even larger amount to the left and bankrolled the communists movements from the start. they're just playing both sides.

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congratulations, you're already on the adl watch list, the 6 million is a sacred number, you simply cannot question it in any shape or form except to increase the number

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blacks commit 80% of interracial crimes, the only reason it's not 99% is because of the Mexicans. so it's not plenty, and it's not 'every race', don't see why everyone else needs to be brought up when blacks behavior is mentioned.

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bent over for big pharma

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well, the agreement is to exploit the plebs, together.

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in 60 years, neocons will be denouncing the violent riots of the xlm (xem lives matter) while reminiscing about the justified, peaceful protests of Saint flloyd's blm

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do you still believe the peaceful protest narrative from the lying media? media covered for mlk just like they're doing for blm right now

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member when the military pointed its gun at the citizens to force blacks into their schools and neighborhoods?

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it's illegal to be antielfic or question the holofrost in Russia, tells you all you need to know

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you are you, you are a private person and you might put the US as top priority, but I think nobody here would trust someone like Ben Shapiro to make the same decision. my point was you saying that religious jews are Maga might not be entirely true, we're lucky if it's 50/50, in which case it's not really any better than the general population anyway.

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