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Link to the tweet. https://out.reddit.com/t3_wndk9d?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fdisclosetv%2Fstatus%2F1558421290930900992&token=AQAAvfb3YpmYfJdDIZZ8D7yM9ER8bkAR_Q0w2KRAuQveY1npA-Nl&app_name=ios

Link to an archived version of the CDC web page before they changed it.


Link to the current CDC web page. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mrna.html

So fucking glad I never caved to the pressure and got this shit, but at the same time I'm very fucking worried about my friends and family who did. Shit's going to hit the fan big time when the truth is revealed, if it ever is.

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Make memes and then post comments on here like “lock and load” or “civil war has started” while simultaneously eating Cheetos and chugging a Mountain Dew.

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I fell like we are funding this whole conflict. Just like in the Middle East. Funding both sides, giving both sides weapons.

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Did y’all read the article or just the headline? It’s just that they haven’t had him on in three months. Jesus. Y’all are complaining about Fox “showing their true colors” and you’re giving credence to a NewsMax article designed to steal viewers. That’s all.

by gerq
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oh look, liberals ruining everything. how typical

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I like how they aren't mentioning that gas is as high as its ever been. But hey, gas prices have gone down 30 cents so, praise me peasants!

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Some small Republican council consisting of no one nobody and someone else we don’t know will vote on their own panel of 6 people to decertify.

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I mean, trump did have a teleprompter everywhere he went. He just.. ignored it lol

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Women had it good back in the day. Stay home and take care of the house, make your husband orgasm every once in awhile and once he’s done working you take in all the benefits of his hard work and live off his retirement and life insurance.

Man, what a hard tough gig they had.

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Oh no someone has a difference in opinion! GASP he clearly doesn’t support us!

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I was only asked how much I made. Never had to provide proof or anything, although I did bring paystubs, proof of employment, etc and they didn’t want nor need any of it.

I was kinda shocked

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Let’s start hanging straight pride flags everywhere and see how they like it. I’m guessing they won’t like it.

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I genuinely believe this is why COVID was released onto the public. It is known to cause taste and smell issues and sometimes complete loss of both, I think the disease was released on purpose to make us lose our smell and taste senses and feed us bricks of bugs like on Snowpiercer.

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Only thing that really affected me from covid was the Parosmia 3 months later. Other than that, covid is a breeze

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I have 3 kids, 1 in school. And a lot of parents have noticed this, we have been sick back to back to back for the last 12 months or so. We have never been sick so much so often in our lives.

COVID lockdowns fucked everything up from economies to immune systems.

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I’m pretty sure this is in response to those who refuse to return to the office. Elon knows that most people who WFH brag about not doing anything all day except maybe 1-3 hrs of actual work and Elon is about getting shit done. That won’t fly under his reign.

Either go back to the office and be productive or fuck off

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this is what they do every year. Nothing new. Don't read too much into it, not everything is "anti american".


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they always fail to mention who does the killing...

mostly blacks. always blacks.

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Remember sandy hook? After tons and tons of digging most of this “kids” murdered didn’t even exist and most of the parents turned out to be crisis actors.

So it’s not so far fetched

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tbh nobody wants to deal with a woman when they're on their periods. So please, yes please stay home til you're done being a bitch.

But you won't be getting paid for it.

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One of the comments under this post:

“ Yes it was indeed cruel of him and people like him to enable the death of his own daughter and many others.”

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