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Hence waiting until everyone is good and done with the work week so they can go jogging?

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Don't know what it plans to do with that gay-kay-47

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do they allow cats in the barracks?

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Can't govern the racial jungle. Ask Joe.

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Or more importantly in the short term, cannot be edited. Like the catalog of mental illness, or the dictionary, or Epstein's flight logs.

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We know a lie when we hear one. Especially the really obvious ones that pop up overnight in social media algorithms, mainstream news coverage, celebrity opinion, and with the protection of censorship. ESPECIALLY especially when known bad actors give rapidly contradicting analysis (protest good, church bad, Chinese New Year good, spring break bad, don't need a mask, need a mask).

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domestic terrorism

Something tells me these people aren't parents, so if they attend school board meetings it's because they're educators

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If we were interested in actually help push Russia out we could.

This is just another car on the gravy train. The next one is "oops we didn't send ammo, fuel, parts, and technicians. Oh and they're still painted Sandbox Tan. Everyone cool with another 10 billion?"

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Bet we* do the monumentally stupid thing and announce we're shipping them directly via the Black Sea and it gets Lusitania'd

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The guy holding the Kompromat wants tanks.

The guy holding the Kompromat gets tanks.

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My nephew isn't afraid of monsters under the bed

Because no one has told him there are monsters under the bed

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Also, programming update, trees are the enemy of water. So even though this is a wet winter, the trees are making sure you stay in drought.

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If they're not broad and aren't infection blocking as you say, what do they DO during this "short duration"?

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Except Liberals, by the above logic those should be fair game.

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