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I miss the America of my childhood. We weren’t too far gone then. Wholesome family values and the world turned slower. The world you were born in longer exists.jpeg

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Wake me up when I can start fucking shit up and not go to jail.

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Same reason I want our soccer team to fail. Fuck woke-ism.

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I was praying that it would blow up in the name of diversity. Maybe the “manned” one next will. Reeeeeee!

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I’m not saying it’s not. Plus the second half of his speech Has been high energy.

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Same old talking points unfortunately. I’d still rather have war for what the leftists put us through these last few years.

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Even better, use bullets as your voice.

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Nah. He was a great president, but there are things he said he would do and he didn’t. I’ll vote for the guy, but don’t tell me he is perfect.

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Starve the lefties. Cut off the supplies to big cities.

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Maybe they can be pushed into that scenario again, and people like us can actually react.

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When we go back into conflict…and we will…conventional means of force should be off the table. Nuke the sand-fuckers.

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