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They exist solely to enforce the law. This is the reason that they were created to begin with. Many are no longer doing what was described in the original charter of these organizations, and they are not upholding the oaths that they took to be part of these professions. As a result, many are working against not just the laws of the state and federal governments but also against the laws of God Almighty. This situation is not sustainable.

Indicting and arresting Donald Trump for a crime that he did not commit is not only against the US Constitution, but also against the laws of God. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is guilty of the crimes of which Trump has been accused, yet he has not been indicted are arrested. This is not justice. It is unjust.

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President Trump has been damaged in many ways by the corrupt justice and judicial system, which exist solely to enforce the law. They have failed. They should be dissolved. Lawyers and prosecutors are working for criminals and not for justice. This situation is unsustainable.

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Maybe you should apply to run his PR for him since you are such a stunningly brilliant marketer.

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Exactly. Why apologize for the best statement they have made since before the Nov. 2020 election? They are failing. Losing Tucker Carlson was the fatal injury from which they will never recover.

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You can smell his BS all over that network. It may also be horseshit. Hard to tell.

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No. Not even Hunter Biden is above the law.

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Big Tech is Artificial intelligence. God is REAL.

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There is no basis for this indictment or prosecution. It should be dismissed.

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Classic Trump. We need more leaders who love America.

by d003
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They'd better be careful because he is looking down on them, and I'm sure that he is not happy.

by d003
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Sounds racist to me. Seriously.

by d003
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I call it "rot gut" myself.

by Tesic
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It is difficult to see someone who is being persecuted the way Trump is. It is time to end the political persecution of the Democrat's political enemies. Contrary to what they believe, the Federal and state law enforcement do not work just for the Democrats, they work for all Americans. If this is no longer true, then they need to be defunded.

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He's a great golfer and a great athlete in general. Hope they're having good weather down there.

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You are so right. They made a big show of a potential arrest that did not materialize simply because its was never real to begin with. It was never going to happen. They sacrificed their credibility for short term PR against Trump. Whoever is making these decisions is not only not a strategic thinker. They are downright unintelligent.

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Ron fans need to start their own website. This website is a rally for the greatest President of our lifetimes, Donald Trump.

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That would make my head spin. No one will know truth from fiction. I suppose that's where we are now. Case in point the fraudulent story about Trump and the strumpet.

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That's terrible. They are definitely going after the mid-sized cities, now that that they have turned the big cities into war zones.

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