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She should be concerned about the people who got it, based on her medical advice, tying her up and force boosting a few shots into her ass

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I went to Auschwitz when I was stationed in Germany, they didn’t show us anything like this

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It’s like Scientology

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I guess they can’t crucify him for saying that because he’s not white?

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Is this guy even a Trump supporter? He just shows up here and only post cover for globalist zionist pedophiles

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Yeah pretty awkward for AJ if as some say he’s mossad🤣otherwise not really sure why he gives a fuck

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This account is obvious zionist propaganda. Seek Christ

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People often struggle with the meaning of this. understanding of the context Jesus was speaking in, picture the scenario with yourself as the oppressor. You are a wealthy, powerful person whose slave has displeased you in some way. You reprimand your slave with a backhanded slap. The response you expect is the response you have always received from your slaves – the response you yourself would give if someone higher than you treated you the same way. You expect your slave to cower, submit, and slink away. Instead, your slave defiantly turns their other cheek and challenges you to hit them again. It’s about DEFIANCE, not COMPLIANCE. Not to react violently, like in our current situation, is the way. There may come a time to sell your cloak and buy a sword but not as revenge or out of anger.

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Hey fag, not only do you not mention a video once in your post but you said past the point of no return. Fucking idiot. Not everyone has your hard on for Elon. Why else would you use such strong language as past the point of no return? I guess we’re past the point of no return on the invention of the spoon too? Fucking stupid ass bitch

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Yeah it’s nothing their doing that puts them in danger

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😂nigga say he like hitler and everyone loses their fucking minds!

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