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i’ve never liked the name since the beginning and for this reason. js

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if you’re using some simplistic dictionary definition of communism, sure, maybe. If you’re using all examples of communism throughout history? then you’re not studying history. communism in practice always has elites at the top running everything and living in hypocrisy, taking whatever they want. That’s one of the principles of communism they don’t write down because someone might read it.

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i’m guessing this still won’t apply to federal workers in Florida

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hey don’t need to be so sensitive, it’s not your fault you’re tarded. nobody’s saying not to buy the stock or it’s not good, they’re saying that’s not how worth works.

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this is what my conversations with commies generally boils down to, they absolutely love this argument.

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i asked the npc’s about this at work today, they’re completely fine with it, no hesitation whatsoever. i just can’t imagine how anyone can trust a political party with their life so casually without a thought.

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a non partisan (not a thing) group of auditors reviewed 60 tests of voting machines, with 59 tests proving accurate counts and the last producing insufficient data. what a joke, skim the surface and say everything underneath is fine. commies gonna commie but they’ll always be losers

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🤣 reminds me of my great gm

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bring back bullying

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