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Owing to IRS issues or divorce court/child support...

They (the divorce courts) revoked my passport -- which made my life pretty rough being as all of my employers and clients were based in Europe.

Makes sense, right? You want to keep taking the guy's money. So you make it so he can't work.

It's all right though. My ex wife wound up having to pay child support TO ME for over 10 years -- cut like a knife every two weeks seeing that deducted from her pay check I'm certain. Plus, today, over 20 years later, none of the kids really likes her all that much. They are not close at all. SHE IS PAYING THE PRICE!!!

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He poll just 2-3% below Abbott -- easily within stealing range.

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If Austin was any further left it would be just east of Australia.

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It's the school system too. My sister and her husband are as red as you can get.

Their kids were red too -- growing up.

Now home with their college degrees? They're anti gun; bought in with climate change and green energy; government is the answer to everything!

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So good to hear!

Plus -- I just ghost-wrote a piece about all of the financial incentives and programs underway throughout India...it'll show up as an opinion piece in a major international magazine/website. SOOO much going on! Atma Nirhbar Bharat! (Self-reliant India!)

Way to go India!!!

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Yep, there were millions of Africans in England in 3000 bc.


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What an absolute POS!!!

It's bad enough to be a POS FBI agent or asset -- like Epps -- in real life.

But to want to LARP the role?

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Have you had any run-in's with the IRS to-date?

They will do more than lick your balls -- they'll eat them!

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You and I are living in the same emotional state.

I have family and loads of friends who are red-leaning but they seem fine with all that's going on.

I see the J6 protesters rotting in prison.

I see the climate change agenda being forced onto the economy -- eviscerating our hard-won energy independence.

I see inflation destroying the middle class -- and IRS agents on their way to hurry the demise.

I see them coming for my guns -- the very thing the Founders warned us about with the 2nd amendment.

I see them suppressing my voice; taking away my first amendment rights.

I see them forcing me to mask; taking MY tax dollars (and increasing the national debt) to force millions to take experimental vaccines enriching the pharma industry.

Illegals flood the southern border...

Billions are sent to the Ukraine where we know the corruption is rampant.

Criminals walk away from their crimes with no bail needed.

I see the Biden crime family getting "away" with all the crimes they've committed and continue to commit.

I see Obama with three waterfront mansions; Kerry and Pelosi make my blood boil.

Manchin and Sinema...

Rinos Mitch, Cornyn, Romney, Crenshaw and so many others...

I try to enjoy life...but it's hard not to feel angry, no, furious!!!

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If the vax is as dangerous in the long run as I expect it to be? They're going to need every one of those illegals getting registered to vote to re-even the playing field.

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Guns are assets. The IRS can seize assets.

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How will India fuck China over Taiwan?

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