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Even Obama.. funny how he won all the states not requiring voter ID, and lost all the ones that did..

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This Clown is literally ragging on his own country and government on the world stage. He needs to go... like 15 months ago.

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I'm working on it Fren, I Lift, 3 times a week, I've started a vegetable garden in the Back, Got me a big ass freezer, and get my meat straight from the farm. There seems to be an overwhelming number of cucks and sheep around tho, not sure what will happen when the bubble pops.

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Memeception! I can't wait till we get a boat load of good men from the hard times we are entering.

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I can barely imagine the the torture of following an ideology completely based on lies, and half truths. You can't even have an inner monologue without your brain calling bullshit, and having to dash over and watch an hour of CNN to restore hivemind programming.

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Their honest definition is anyone with political views that differ from their own.

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The unsung hero of the conflict was Grambo

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Indeed for the Satanic Pedophile Elite, Upward mobility is the greatest sin, Only Serfs and masters may exist in their Degenerate Utopia.

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No need to start a new party, just have to keep primarying out the RINOs. We won't get them all at once, but we can take out a lot, and make the ones left scared to RINO too hard, or wind up ending their political career.

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They correctly identified the gender of Big Mike Obama.

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It would be dead already if we didn't have 4 years of Trump to revitalize it before Biden. There's still hope if we can get a super majority in November, and stop the Biden Agenda... but I doubt we can get rid of enough RINOs to do it

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We are allowing a flood of fighting age men sweep into the nation unchecked. They need agitators to keep causing mass casualty events to chew up the news cycle while they finish looting the treasury of a decaying empire.

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I hope you are right, we'll see where we sit when interest rates hit 10%.

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Thing is, with the economy tanking like it is... a+ doesn't mean much. There is still almost a trillion dollars of MBS on the market atm. https://www.sifma.org/resources/research/us-mortgage-backed-securities-statistics/

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Exactly, Benevolent organizations don't need 5000 paramilitaries with automatic weapons to guard them.

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All part of the Plan. The underlying issue of Mortgage Backed securities and derivitives was not allowed to properly correct itself, instead we got massive amounts of funny money to bail out all the casino gamblers masquerading as hedge funds. The more sinister purpose for this action has now become clear. It was to buy time for Black Rock to accumulate enough assets to buy all of the properties that can't make their mortgages anymore. You will own nothing...

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Thats on Day three, also covers how bestiality is good for the planet, and advancements in adrenochrome synthesis and extraction will be used to upgrade the remaining planned parenthood faciilites..

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They are tired of having to invent Nazi's in America to report on, so they are importing them.

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