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Because the uniparty preference each other, ie Murkowski got elected because dems gave her #2 over Palin.

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Ranked choice voting... where you let democrats decide which GOP candidate wins.

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It's pretty clear everyone knows who did it, but nobody is willing to say it.

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The next phase of the destruction of the United States, and, other western nations is undergoing a test run.

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He's overseen the construction of 30,000 churches since while in office. He took the godless Soviet culture and brought back God and christian values.

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It's economic 911, but Trump fucked their shit up too much in his first 4 years. So now they are just blowing shit up without the airplanes as cover. It's so obvious to anyone paying attention that this is not incompetence, but rather a plot to take down the USA without a HOT war.

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2 years of dippiness. If you adjust the sharemarket for inflation, It's a stupendous amount of damage the Potato in Chief has already done in just 18 months.

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Ukraine is over at the end of the month. Once the the 4 regions join the Russian Federation after their referendums, if Ukraine doesn't immediately withdraw their forces, Russia will declare war on them. This takes off all of the restraints currently imposed on them. They won't use nukes, they'll just switch off the lights, and light up the Ukraine Parliment.

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I think we need a list of all Leftard educators, that value ideology over truth. Purge them all from every institution from every state we take back. Otherwise we will be left with a younger generation of absolute morons. I saw that only 11 out of 171 graduates can now pass the citizenship test. The indoctrination system needs to be razed to the ground and rebuilt.

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How dare the uppity serfs send these dirty immigrants to my lawn. (National) Guards!

by Alex21
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There is now a Trading block with 2/3rds of the world population, all ditching the US dollar for trade. The other one third are systematically wrecking their economies through funding Ukraine, Green energy cultism and an obsession with mutilating children, or killing the unborn. Things are very grim already.. it will just take a little time for it to catch up with the Dollar.

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Yep, and rumble, bitchute, etc. They are Big Mad conservatives actually have platforms to call out their obvious bullshit.

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Thou art a femminist whisperer. This is exactly what they think will happen lol.

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