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My uncle works at Nintendo, can confirm.

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This was the US decades ago, we're way past anyone in Europe. France has a 12.5% immigrant population. However, the US is at 16%, and that doesn't even count second-generation immigrants.

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Make abortion illegal, and the country will be majority non-white the next day. We hardly abort compared to them. If it wasn't for abortion, the black population would be double or triple its current number. I think its icky from a moral standpoint, but not as icky as genociding my own people and becoming another South Africa.

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You would be ok with your children being live on camera for 6 hours a day for everyone in the world who cares to tune in?

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Not just allowing, but actively encouraging them to skip testing procedures through Operation Warpspeed.

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There's like a billion different ways for a kid with access to the internet to find tits. Honestly I don't see the problem, its better than going to some seedy porn site with actual pornography where he gets recommended progressively more degenerate stuff by the algorithm.

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Are they giving fair market value though? Forcing someone to participate in such a transaction goes against capitalism. Fuck every Texas commie who supports this.

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And two weeks after that. At this point we have them right were we want them, only two weeks away from mass arrests! Tick Tock!

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Which they do. We let them get away with the election steal, with turning our military into a bunch of fags etc.

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Sure, in the eyes of God. Still wouldn't let him anywhere near children, that's for sure. Better safe than sorry with those freaks.

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Ah ok, I didn't realize we were doing scifi worldbuilding. Why not send them on a spaceship to Sirius while we're at it? It's about as realistic as your proposition.

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That Adam's apple... Yep, that's a man. Sad to see that trannies have infiltrated every aspect of public life.

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Cancel culture? That was before it became law, fren. Now they can enforce it by the police busting down your door in the middle of the night.

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