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"We have pedos to protect!!"

by Charlie
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Secret societies of kid-fuckers and small hats have been pillaging this nation for ages.

You can only be rid of them through force.

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They're trying to force-feed us another McFailure. Fuck them. A Demonrat would be better.

At least we'd go out with a shred of dignity.

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All it takes is for one's family to be threatened. Then, Stockholm Syndrome is induced by rewarding them for continuing to sell out.

It's easy to see how swamp creatures are created.

by Charlie
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The final black pill is realizing that Christianity is 99.99% a lie too, so there's no salvation in the afterlife. This is it.

The elites know it, which is why they're so inbred and power-hungry. The only true immortality that exists is your bloodline. Pass on your genetics and conquer. That's the purpose of life.

by Charlie
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Did I just hear someone shrink back, as if injured?

by Charlie
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We need the start BUILDING and entirely new government.

When the spooks inevitably show up, we clearly state our grievances, and lay seige to the MSM.

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He's happy and rich. Why would he risk his family fortune for the plebs?

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Lol literally anyone who researched history knows that the Middle Ages were a time of feudalism and serfdom. Were certain regions better off than others? Certainly. But people were oppressed by kings, lords, dukes, and robber barrons (all stemming from a small handfull of "noble" bloodines, like the "Windsors" and Rothschilds).

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It's about destroying what Whites built during the Renaissance. When the Vatican took over Europe, it brought with it the Dark Age.

To "them", those were the "glory days", when they could freely oppress a highly-advanced people, with no repercussions. They want to resurrect that living hell, but first, they need to thin the human herd. There are currently too many "gentiles" to manage.

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McCarthy moves into the Speaker's office before the vote even takes place.

We need to blast that to both conservatives and leftists. Those who aren't on the take should be outraged.

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