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I am angry and frustrated at this.

Despite this, there is a small part of me that is hoping that one of the remaining Trump v. Disputed states cases WILL be heard.

I've already prepared for the coming storm. I just don't want to give up on this Republic just yet.

God bless, Pede. We'll need it.

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Kek, I lived like normal in DC until recently when I took a promotion and a pay raise in a warm red state.

Hold your GOP accountable.

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Kek, proud to vote for a coward and an abuser. Of course you take care of yourself and you've clearly failed to include holding your politicians accountable.

Enjoy Virginia 2.0

BTW, their gun culture and food is better with the bonus that theirs isn't hispanic.

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👢👅 You deserve Crenshaw and your entire GOP.

It'll be funny when you surrender your guns and stay in your homes like you were made to during all of 2020.

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K. AOC did more for your state than Cruz but keep licking swamp boots.

AOC didn't do much but still more than Lyin'.

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A /pol/ troll post.

They were making these around October and circulating them around Reddit and Facebook for a while.

Make the Left own and defend their degeneracy.

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You know the Chinese eat human infants right?

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Welcome to patriot gaslighting.

We don't want the other side to know we're paying attention to SCOTUS. Whether we have a country or not will be announced on Thursday. If the Left starts kvetching, you'll know it's good.

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Nope, and your constant attempt to rephrase what is directly stated informs me that I'm talking to a liberal.

Lick the swamp GOP boots.

Cruz could have appealed to other Republicans like Trump did and directly got involved or made himself available to be involved. Instead, he pulled a Pelosi.

Donate your cuckcage key to the GOP.

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Return to Texas, appeal to non-Texas GOP for aid.

Trump hunkered down in Florida during Dorian. He appealed to conservatives nationwide to help in Louisiana, and they did.

A role model has been available for years. Your use of virtue signaling needs to be better defined.

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(((Fellow whites))) preying on skanks.

Gentle reminder that interracial porn always loses money.

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? Biden activated FEMA and gave disaster relief.

It pisses me off that the senile puppet is doing more than Cruz and the GOP.

That's how bad things are.

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HIPAA protection and wrongful termination violation.

I'm sure this lady is going to get a wonderful payoff from this.

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It does when his constituents are freezing and Lyin' has focused on nothing but "optics" when taking actions against Dems.

Everything this Canadian spic has done has been purely selfish.

Take the blue pill suppository out of your ass and notice that conservatives have no one in Texas on their side.

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Here's the secret: the entire Texas GOP, both state and federal level, is compromised.

They do a lot of action that garners attention but it always comes short.

Texas won't lead the secession. If anything, Texas GOP will hunt you down like they did your anti-maskers.

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