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I knew it was going to be that before clicking on it, but I had hoped it would be the Hulk Hogan video. https://youtu.be/eX_k5_egUAo

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No worries. With all that's gone on in the case, there's bound to be some confusion over the little details like that. From what I was able to watch of the trial, I didn't think he had a malfunction either until watching the interview tonight.

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His bolt didn't close all the way after shooting Huber. He had to hit the forward assist to close it.

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I can't imagine the calm of mind this kid had. He's 17 years old, has a gun pointed at his head, and somehow identifies a malfunction with his weapon without trying to fire it, fixes it, and gets a round on target before Bye-cep can fire. Absolutely amazing.

by froggos
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Those poor cats

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And just what, in your opinion, did his mother do to cause this?

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The Judge can rule on motion for declare a Mistrial with Prejudice in that case.

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WI law requires them to come to the court room to view any video evidence.

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If they haven't come out to view video evidence, they've already made up their minds. There's no real deliberation taking place. They're just eating up some time before delivering the verdict so that no one can say they didn't weigh everything carefully.

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He did. The jury has instructions on how to come to their verdict based on the law. The Judge gave these instructions to them verbally yesterday, and each juror has a written copy as well.

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Honestly, I wish I had never gotten rid of my old Ramcharger and replaced it with a new Ram (new when I bought it...it's a 3rd Gen). I could fix that thing with a monkey wrench and bailing wire. lol. Could I go out and buy a new truck tomorrow? Yes. Do I want to? Fuck no. I'm in the process of building a $60K detached garage and assembling a small fleet of older cars to play with. I'll take old stuff over anything new.

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Yup, one is completely above the other. Just like Barbara Walters.

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Roots? I got lost in the Fivehead. She should sell that off for advertising space.

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A co-worker told me this was the hubbub a week or so ago, and she said that health reasons would be cited as the reason.

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