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My exact thought mid COVID as well.

They’ve put us off vaccines forever, all that needs to happen is they release an actually deadly microorganism.

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“Is the climate change in the room with us right now?”

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The focal length of those mirrors are very different from something capable of resolving earth’s surface…?

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“I wanna design uniforms for the red army”


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This image is not real.

In the authentic image, he is neither smiling nor Jewish.

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Except that OP’s image is photoshopped.

In the original, he is not smiling, nor having of Jewish features.

We are being fucked with, and it is working.

This image has frontpaged twice today, the fake version both times.

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This image is shopped.

In the actual image, he is not smiling, nor possessing Jewish features.

This is disinformation-

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Dude what the fuck—

What the fuck is happening on this website—?!

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                    incredible no

  only donny
                                donny 5eva

   is it utopia?

                            land 4 the free

 made by the brave
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Dude, come on.

We need civil servants, and we don’t live in an America where civil protection is performed by militias; god, if only.

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You built PCs from buying components at Best Buy?

Now that’s a terrible value for your money!

Further, bro, that was basically 20 years ago. You can’t hold on to shit that long, it’ll give you cancer.

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Your joke was poorly worded for the medium.

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Don’t say leading shit like this and then just drop the fucking mic.

Give us a titled work, or at bare fucking minimum, an author?

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Best Buy has been so good to me as of late. I bought an OLED with them in early 2022, and of course, like everything I buy, the week after I drop 3K, the new version of the TV comes out, and it’s 40% brighter.

I bought the TotalTech package for the TV, as it was the same cost as delivery and installation, and included “free” delivery and installation.

It also covered returns out to two months, so I had them exchange the C1 with the C2 AT NO EXTRA COST; delivered, installed, and the old one hauled away. Amazing!

Fast forward 9 months

My C2 now has a black line transecting the panel. I call up BB, they send someone out to pick up the defective one, and bring me the C3 (this year’s new model) at no extra cost, delivered, installed and defective panel taken away! Free!

So, that said, I’m heartbroken to hear they’re bad.

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Also, not really sure why this is stickied…?

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