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She’s definitely perpetually draped in black since about the time she was discriminated out of Mandalorian.

by Ryoten
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No, plenipotentiaries who pervert the state monopoly on violence to raid and falsely imprison their perceived enemies are Joseph Stalin.

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As if a now frothing-at-the-mouth leftist cunt wouldn’t have ten clapbacks just dying to be let loose at the opportunity—

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I work in the hospital, and we were making that joke every shift, right up until they unlawfully terminated me for refusal, yet called it “voluntary resignation”.

I can’t wait for my lawyer to chew them the fuck up in court over that one.

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Not even then.

This is only truly “over” when we have the second Nuremberg trials.

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I only made it through the unlawful stripping of my livelihood because of you guys.

I love you, every one of you.

(Except the handshake leftist cucks).

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Does this mean I get my career back now?

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Are you an AI? Both of your comments in this tree read like high-fidelity Markov chains.

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We need to stop calling them by their federally designated titles.

We should refer to all alphabet agencies from here forward as the NVKD.

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I really hoped they did this, and smartly so.

Watch now as they try and charge them for obstruction or interference, or some other completely tangential horseshit.

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I have this sinking feeling that every 18 months, we are just going to be getting the fucking Chinese virological institute cinematic universe rolling out every time there’s an election. This will be a time remembered in history as when the very natural world itself was turned against the Republic.

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Your last paragraph feels somewhat Riefenstahl-esque.

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I didn’t anticipate starting my day crying, but, well, here I am.

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Of course there isn't.

This is purely to get a shot on video of him perp walked in cuffs so leftist cucks can finally get a nut that doesn't involve their wives getting fucked in front of them.

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Nowadays I suspect every celebrity death is jab related.

I know it’s not right, but I can’t dislodge it from my mind.

What do you guys do (or think) about it??

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What is in this bill?

It’s not the IRS one is it…..? -_-;;;;

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You guys hear false flag and think I mean it’s a hoax outright.

I don’t mean that, it definitely happened.

But I suspect intentionality.

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You think I’m saying it was a fake crash.

I’m not.

It was very real.

I’m saying it makes me believe intentionality in the committing of the crime.

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