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I've been recommending this forever! We have rinos... let's create some dinos.

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My best friend is black. I've known her since I was 4. She got me on the Trump train.

I guess we better tell every single black person who supports Trump that they are unwanted here. Asshole.

Like many blacks, you're a victim to media propaganda. Congrats, you're just as dump as the lefties.

They are feeding off Whites.

There are more whites, in absolute numbers, on welfare than blacks. But, proportionately, more of the black population is on welfare than whites. It is more nuanced and complicated than you're making it out to be.

Be smarter....think better.

Blacks aren't suffering in this country.

We're all suffering in this country. Are there lots of welfare queens and kinds out there? Yup and some of them are white as well...collecting baby-daddies, etc.

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Its not even 13%. Its closer to 5%

13% of the population is black. 4-5% is black males between 15 and 45 years of age.

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This is so stupid...it means they are just monkeys. If whites are mayo monkeys. Then blacks are just regular monkeys? Racial insults never end well.

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Wrong. Stay on Twitter and kamikaze that bitch. Raise the stakes and outwoke them. Push them and their bota to the brink of insanity.

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God, you're an idiot.

The media stokes up a brain dead black man to commit mass murder and you decide we can't live in peace with ANY black people?

You are one of the useless idiots we talk about. Your ability to reason is on par with gnats, apparently. You've been conditioned to hate the person suffering right beside bc someone that shares the same skin color as him did something wrong. Meanwhile, normal, everyday white and black continue to be fucked by the media and the uniparty...

But hur hur hur...black man bad. Guess we should kick out Dr. Carson too.


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I don't know why I so enjoy trolling trans and trans supporting people....I just love it.

My favorite lines:

To trans(fake)women: "I think your journey is coming along really well. I can see the jaw line coming in. As soon as you get the courage, cut your hair. I'm guessing you're going for a Fabio look but I think you'd look far more handsome with short hair. We need more kind men like you in the world!"

Or if they cake on the makeup: "Your makeup is on point. When do you start the hormones? I think that would really help".

To real women supporting trans(fake) women: "I absolutely love trans women supporting each other! Your transition is also coming along nicely. How long has your process taken?"

To men supporting trans(fake) women: "omg, girl! You're going to be so beautiful once the hormones kick in! Seriously, you totally have the curves..they just need a bit more encouragement!"

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This is officially the end of twitter.

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As Dave Chappell Chris Rock said, "There's black people and then there's n*****s".

We CAN get along. Each side just needs to get rid of and stop supporting their asshole members. We have

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And then she'll kill herself

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This colonizer "insult" is so stupid.

First, early settlers were the colonized. European powers sent their most expendable unwanted to see if they could survive the new world. If anything, America is literally the story of the colonized rebelling against colonizers and creating the most beautiful and powerful nation in history.

Second, no one colonized your useless ass. They CONQUERED you bc you were/are weaker. You were to useless to be colonized...you produced little of work. The knowledge natives had was easily learned and improved upon....like in less than two year, settlers could learn the growing season and vastly improve on native systems.

Third, I prefer conqueror...way more accurate and impressive.

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This is fake news but I wish he would. If I could save all my anger for one small group of people, it would be the view. I despise those hags with the intense heat of a thousand suns.

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Our 44 year olds look way better than their 25 year olds

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Seriously, fuck off with that language. He's an idiot asshat but that doesn't mean your idiot pro slavery ideas are welcome.

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That's Cole Robinson and he has a HUGE following... so much so that youtube demonitozed him twice.

I love him and his approach. I've been a faster for a long time. He's changed thousands of lives.

He's right. Type 2 diabetes is a damn joke. Stop eating, fatty.

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