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You hate yourself. You just might not be aware of it yet.

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His interviews are instructional from a psychological perspective, as one gets to observe a powerful psychopath engaging in "duper's delight" on a grand & daring scale.

He knows there's at least 200 million people around the planet who know what he's doing. He does it anyway. Because he's aggressive & reckless & because, so far, he can.

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I was wondering if "blow dart" was local DC queer jargon, perhaps some "on the down low" shit, to signal, "I'll suck your cock, bruh."

Any DC area pedes able to confirm?

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This Cardildo character whips around the BDE frequently.

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(Scene...this Thursday PM inside the mind of any gw loyalist)

Looks at the plastic baggie on the counter...a whole ounce of hopium...just scored some...thinks to himself, "nah, told my homeboy we'd share it and party together Friday afternoon"...looks back at the hopium...(10 minutes later)...spoon is like 150 degrees at least...the hopium is now in a syrupy creme brulee like substance and ready for the syringe....he takes a deep pull...lines up the median cubital vein...and...AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSH

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Of all the words of song and pen...

The saddest words to the weakest men...

Are, "Alex Jones was right again."

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Don't hit the hopium 48 hours before a 2 week tick tock. Just don't do it.

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Yeah, fair point, but I'm hoping clown world doesn't last forever & I can ride out another 5-10 years without needing any medical attention.

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You trust doctors & nurses the way you trust anyone. You vet them all individually and intensely until they pass the test.

You'll need them some day. No way around it.

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Tell them Vaxpass is the first step to "Fatpass" & they will be kept out of restaurants if their QR code scans a high BMI.

Instant red pill for our portly brothers.

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"Fuck you if you post about it here."

"Except for me...I'm cool...."

"OK...no posting about it in 3,2,1 starting riiiiiigggghhhht now. No posts, fuckers."

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Hard disagree fren. The problem is people drawing too many lines. Facts require verification. Who verifies? The community of subjective inputs. How many propositional "facts" are there floating about? As many propositions as the collective can muster.

The path to wisdom is through logic & humble approaches like the actual scientific method, allow one to approach the territory of "FACT" carefully. This mindset is consistent with freedom.

Your "facts are facts" argument is the same mindset which drives militant totalitarianism.

This doesn't mean the correct judgment with people vaxxing their kids isn't some degree of alarm, maybe horror. We're all within our rights to speak out. But once we prevent them from making choices, we have set the precedent for them to mandate our choices for us.

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Kinda hard to disagree...but at least now you're smarter? Because you've been tested by so much evil & kept seeking answers? A lot of us used the internet wisely & became smarter.

But the price is that we're haunted by the awareness of how much more dangerous the world is.

Or else we overcome the fears, and figure out how to thrive despite the chaos. Is what it is. We we're all born into a pampered, fantasyland culture & economy that's at the top of its descent. Buckle it up and ride it out.

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Dig the logical thought process...crisp sentences .. grammar on point...

Survey says? Updoot.

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