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Thank you for sharing your truth, which was both stunning and brave. I will exert my point of personal privilege to ensure this 100% true testimony shall be entered into the record for posterity. May we all learn from your strength and wisdom.

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Bet that cell will be cozy though...

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I've never taken the Flu shot.

Never will.

Fuck these commie faggots and their retard injections.

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Motherfucker was already certifiably "disabled" just by going trans.

Now, he's apparently looking for extra credit by sitting in a wheelchair.

This retard is literally fake and gay.

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This is one example of happens when you have incriminating Info on powerful people.

The other is: the guards "fall asleep", the cameras "stop working" and you "hang" yourself.

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I see whomever it is running Joe Bidens Twitter Account voted no...

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How appropriate that the front row looks like it's being fucked by the back row.

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That Turkey is a bit too "mature" and "full bodied" to hold Brandon's interest...

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