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Ruby Ridge, Waco, Elian Gonzalez...

These situations were significant tests of the propaganda wing of the deep state.

Without a complicit media, it is much more difficult to enact your unwanted agenda.

Ruby Ridge was used to develop the "White Supremacist Militia/Domestic Terrorist" Narrative. The media glossed over the absolute murder of Randy Weavers family. And people ate up the spectacle, and were all too happy to eat the slop created for their consumption.

Waco solidified the anti religious and anti 2nd amendment stance of the deep state. The pop culture narrative born out of this situation was openly hostile to a group of people that included women and children. It was a cult. But their concerns about David Koresh "stockpiling weapons" prompted the to launch a no knock raid against people who were known to be resistant to authorities. If they were so concerned about the activities of David Koresh, they could have picked him up while he was out and about town. No - they came with a large team and essentially attacked their home. And we know what happened next. I knew people that were otherwise decent people suddenly making jokes about their deaths. "Know what WACO stands for?" No, what? "We Ain't Comin' Out! Hahahaha!" Yeah, funny.

Even though I resented illegal immigration even back then, I found the situation with Elian Gonzalez to be truly confusing. With hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming in every year, why was it suddenly imperative to raid a person's home, kidnap a child at gunpoint, and then extradite the child back to Cuba? Just him - no one else. His mother died to get him here and he already had family that was taking him in. Unlike other countries, there was at least some leniency for Cuban refugees. But not Elian Gonzalez. And not the constitutional rights of the people that lived in the home they raided on television.

The 90's thru 9/11 set the stage for what we are experiencing now media and governance-wise. WACO definitely illustrated for me in an all new way that I saw the world differently than many of the people around me, regardless of what I was being told to believe. It was a lonely feeling to be the only one in my circle feeling uneasy about government overreach and worrying about what else they might be capable of.

Even now, after the last 6 - 7 years, I'm quite certain we know but a fraction of what they're capable of.

Unfortunately, we may be inching closer to finding out the full measure.

At least now, at the end of all things - I'm among Frens...

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But y tho?

If they were so "correct and righteous" in their condemnation of the guest speaker - why would they hide and need their identities protected?

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TFW you fuck around and find out...

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And they mean it.

They know The US in it's current configuration is a paper tiger.

They intend to challenge now...

We are being offered up like sacrificial lambs from within.

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That's what I was lookin' for.

This kinda shit is why I love this place.

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He does.

Free Human Will is a helluva drug.

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I know Seal hasn't had much going on with his singing career lately, but apparently times are tougher than I would have imagined...

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It has been long written down that he will.

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They must reeeeeeesist a return to tradition at all costs.

All they have is muh racisms and muh sexisms.

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Agreed. One thing we can learn from the Ron DeSwampis situation is we can't always trust the motivations of people that appear to be on our side.

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In all fairness, I don't get the impression that is what is being called for here. There is an increasing pushback building against Federal Government overreach by certain states. The pressure on State and Local Governments to fall back in line with constitutional adherence needs to continue. Each individual state can then become a bulwark against the abject retardation we find in DC. Even better - entire blocks of states begin to coordinate their efforts and through asserting states rights further erode the competely unconstitutional actions of an out of control federal regime.

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Sure - best to do nothing and hope it all works itself out, I guess...

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