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The one that banned guns after the Christchurch shooting and who locked down New Zealand due to COVID-19? Thought she looked familiar but couldn't place her.

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Hunter Biden is almost unrecognizable with clothes on.

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He's not that good since he didn't even spot Hunter Biden. Granted, he was clothed in this photo so it's harder to recognize him.

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Damn you, Katie Hobbs!

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Trump's announcement, while expected, was underwhelming. He simply has no path to victory and is in a worse position than 2020 when he was at least in the White House already. They stole the states we needed. They don't need Florida anymore.

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Witch burning was more of a Protestant thing. Fun fact: The Spanish Inquisition didn't really engage in witch trials, had a lower conviction rate than civil authorities, and rarely executed people. Nobody expects that!

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Except now the FBI will have more time to monitor us.

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My body is a mecha that I operate from inside its head.

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Which means they can never be as truly wrathful as us.

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Hunter's cock should decorate someone's mantle.

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They don't understand the damage they have done by winning at all costs. There is a price to pay, and some people have already paid it with the loss of family and friends. Even if the government controls the levers of power, half (over half, actually) of the voting population does not consent.

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Right. Corporations are government created entities. The exist with special protections granted by government and would not exist in their current state without government influence.

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