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If you have a slow weekend, I’m sure I’ve outlined much of it in my past comments. To even concisely outline it would get me banned.

  1. Most OT/pre-Christian history from the Holy Land is nonsense
  2. There were no Jews in Egypt per the OT story, and no slaves were cutting/laying stone - Exodus is a farce. Slave quarters do not typically have resident servant (slave) quarters attached, and the satellite residences absolutely do - they were paid tradesmen, not slaves, and no evidence of monotheism is present.
  3. There is no record of a historical Mohammed until long after his death, and Mecca is a manufactured historical site (Saudis will not allow excavation for historical preservation). As it costs exponentially more to truck inventory on camelback into the middle of the desert, the idea of Mecca being a trading post is ridiculous.
  4. Abu Bakr, the first caliph, took much from the Roman system (civic religion, divinity of the state, erasing the culture if a conquered people), and incorporated it into Islam as a means of management. This includes what I like to call shit-tests, like the idea that fresh and saltwater can pass through each other unmixed, because Allah does not allow disparate entities to intermingle. So the Hudson River, amongst many other physical bodies of water, cannot exist.

If the story we’ve been given sounds cool and believable, then Vietnam was totally a just war to contain evil Communism. If you have a problem with it, considering the opinion of historians and academics shouldered with the politics of their findings, welcome to your new reality.

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You have no clue the depth of what goes selectively unpublished in anthropology. Every dig permit and dollar of funding would get cut if they released everything. Source: old drunk anthros at years of Ivy League Christmas parties.

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He’s also going to have to clean shit out of his pants- if you watch closely

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We just sold a few months ago (fuck NJ), moved to the country, and haven’t missed it one iota so far. I don’t know where these people are finding their money, but they paid cash.

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What will ultimately happen is that culture will die. Living in enclaves, large and small, ideas are exchanged and technology advances.

One of the weapons communists use to subdue a population is the destruction of a people’s shared history. Inspired by Roman expansion, Abu Bakr made it a core practice of Islam - people can’t cling to something that’s been erased from view and practice.

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But they’re also IP lawyers, which many times translates to patent trolls waiting to sue anyone who sufficiently innovates on an existing technology.

Kinda like James, really.

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Played by Carroll O’Connor, who was basically a communist parodying conservative working men. Eastwood was his own man? Cool. Mel Gibson? Cool. I am too. If you think like they do, you be one, too.

It’s all a lie, stop needledicking over celebrities, make your representatives behave with some fucking standards, reject everything Hollywood.

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Because the they’re all part of the same club - they act like rulers because they rule you. None of these conservatives conserve anything, it’s all, ironically, theater.

They all have short positions on American success, and they won’t stop until those bets hit the take-profit target.

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I judge a man by two things: his taste in pork products, and his hat size.

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For fifty years, my neighbor used to fuck members up for “voting wrong” - smashed a guy in the kidney so hard that he almost died in the 80s. Neighbor had a stroke 4 years ago, and I swear it was the Lord’s hand that did it.

All unionism is communism.

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The reestablishment of a Christian West has nothing to do with Islam, per se. A Christian nation should not tolerate the worship of a false god, and should eliminate the threat to His Church - wherever that may be, even inside its own borders.

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The ADL will never come to save you, and they can’t stop the awakening that’s happening.

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