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I'm 100% confident that the UAW strike which asked for 40% raise and a paid day off every week on top of already high wage and other benefits have absolutely nothing to do with this decision.

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Yes Canada is not safe for Indians, please evacuate immediately and don't come back.

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i support abolish cash bail if that means criminals stay in prison while waiting for sentencing.

but we all know that ain't what's going on here.

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Have you ever wondered who's going to pay for that "record breaking contract" you're getting? What if the company cannot get business due to price not competitive?

I find it hilarious you're enjoying the fruit of capitalism but then praise the tactic of communism.

The house you retire in was built by non union labor, the food in the grocery store you buy is picked/packed/processed by non union worker. If everyone of those people is in a union paying extra in due you won't be able to own a house or afford grocery.

In the world where everyone is in a union and has the same level of pay/benefits vs worth of labor, nobody will be enjoying such pay/benefit, like North Korea.

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Yall are missing the point of this. It's not so that you can pay taxes on stolen item, the section is there to get you for tax charge if they find you stealing things.

It's like a check box on gun purchase form asking if you're a felony. Of course you'd check no but if you were they'd get you on lying.

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Well he was tried in Iowa I suppose that's why justice prevailed.

If it was any of the blue state or blue metro he'd be hang to dry.

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2 things that are shitty about Liberty Safe after this debacle:

  • 1/ their safe has a back-door built in
  • 2/ they blindly follow fed warrant, which the warrant was not directed at Liberty Safe.
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As a veteran I'd say if Russia really invaded the US I wouldn't do a thing.

Maybe after they took out the trash in DC and all the big cities we could negotiate their withdrawal liked they did the first month of Ukraine invasion.

Russia and 'native' Americans have a lot in common than what the media wants us to believe.

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Tet offensive = terrorism in today's standard.

The communist viet cong was bombing farmer market, church, movie theater etc all during the New Year holidays.

Its goal was to terrorize and caused bad publicity.

Don't forget they also did not obey the treaty and stayed north of parallel 17. They established secret underground network, literally and metaphorically, all over south Vietnam, a sovereign country. It's akin to North Korea establishing a bunch of secret army groups in Seoul and elsewhere in SK.

Communist thru out history is proven to never obey the rules, commit genocide against civilians, and do whatever it takes to "win".

The end justifies the means, to them, no matter the cost.

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Na it's the other way. The laws means nothing to them because they're communist.

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Until your hypotheticals happened, I'd incline to support Harrison Ford.

Do you know the man went to the house of the lady who pulled the suitcase underneath the table on voting day in Filton, and convinced her to admit the crime.

That took balls man, and he went to jail for that.

No reason for me not to support the man.

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That's not a bad thing.

He/She/It can stay in Manhattan forever.

Wish liberals would just stay in their own little world.

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Edit: nevermind my reply below, this guy is a leftist troll. Check out his post history and you'll see.


Pretty sure what you said is straight up bullshit.

The education system between Japan and South Korea are vastly different, let alone lumping together Japan/South Korea with China.

You can't just become "delinquent" in Japan and get passed up like "no child left behind" here in the States.

In Japan, if you either don't show up (futoko) or just straight up not passing class, your next best thing will be "free school". It's free in America sense, freedom, where kids are not bounded to the strict rules of conventional schools but still have a way to obtain a diploma if they enroll and attend regularly. It's almost equivalent to special eds here, and only applied to a very small group of student.

The majority of kids in Japan grind like crazy and unlike the culture here, in Japan if you show sign of failing the teacher will push you thru after school classes, the parents will be engaged and keeping tab on you like the NSA. But if you do fail you can either go to "free" school, home school, or join the workforce, or become something else. You don't get participation trophy and move up a grade automatically like kids in Baltimore.

The education system and social pressure in Japan and South Korea are tremendous. There are unfortunately many kids who could not bear it and commit suicide.

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Some of us use those bulb for heating, like a bird cage or something.

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I think Fox is free to air whatever they want if someone pays them to air it. It's called free market.

Also watching Fox isn't free so we're "free" to not watch them and tank their ad value on air.

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How about the gov goons fuck off and let the citizens be?

You don't think people can't tell if the food is rotten or expired unless big gov show em?

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Well not just nurses but young professional athletes are dropping off like fly too.

Must be anecdotal, cuz 17 to 30 year old professional world class athlete dying suddenly happens all the time 🤔

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Woman can still work. There are plenty of professions that require the gentle care and subtle ways of thinking of women, like nursing, teaching, human resources, etc.

Liberalism and leftists are poisoning working women by injecting them with falsehood about wage gap, making it a competition with men, etc.

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To be honest if they actually just take basic groceries I wouldn't be this mad.

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No such thing as "local" fed

Once you're recruited into federal LEO you're never assigned duty station where you are from.

It's the only "feature" with LEO jobs within fed.

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