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Won’t make it past 10 years because of the 5 jabs +flu shots.

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We’ve been holding off on our youngest since the push of the jab opened our eyes. Depending on what State you live in, there are exemptions from schools if you want to go that route. But I’d find a naturopath doc or NP and see what they suggest.

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An example must be made. They must burn (monetarily) to the ground so that any other corporation knows what will happen to them as well.

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We don’t institute familial lines. If he wants to lead, be it. Another will arise IF Trump couldn’t. And that’s what frightens the machine.

by Clabber
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As a father with daughters, it wrenches the heartstrings. We can’t save everyone, but we hope we bring them up right to make better decisions.

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Looks like it’s working as intended.

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Coordinating starting fires is one thing. But the whole thing lit at once. Some sort of weapon?

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Powder keg.

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He fell for the lies. And she’s been banging some dude while he’s cucked out the past few years.

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